Web Filtering: Built for businesses and MSPs. Provides a web security layer and content control

Internet content filtering made easy. Advanced Web Content Filter, Built for Business and MSPs

Why WebTitan for Web Content Filtering and Security?

WebTitan provides an advanced yet easy to use DNS-based solution to protect your business and users when online. In real-time, it both secures and protects your business from online threats such as malware, phishing, botnets and malicious sites. WebTitan is a web content filter that monitors, controls, secures and protects businesses and users from online threats. The web filtering solution provides real time automated malicious threat detection and blocking.
WebTitan web filter blocks over 300,000 malware and ransomware websites every single day and our real-time, live database contains three million malicious sites at any given time. The WebTitan web filter can be set up and protecting your business in minutes. WebTitan provides advanced threat protection at source driven by the power of both AI and machine learning. This provides a vital layer of malware and ransomware protection before users ever access malicious URLs.


Virus & Malware Protection

Block viruses, malware and ransomware from affecting your business.  WebTitan provides real-time malicious detection for the billions of URLs/IPs that compromise the active web.It is a vital layer of malware and ransomware protection before users ever access malicious URL’s.


Block Malicious Phishing Websites

Prevent access to malicious phishing websites, C2 callbacks and command & control attacks. 700 million URL’s are crawled daily by WebTitan providing crowd-sourced categorization and advanced threat protection. WebTitan examines 5 trillion search queries monthly in 200 languages. 3 million malicious URL’s and phishing sites are blocked at any given time. WebTitan has 100% coverage of the top 1 million most visited websites.


Cloud-Based Web Filter

Protect your business on-the-go with our cloud-based system. There is no hardware to install or software to manage and update. This is a SAAS solution with monthly billing. MSPs can also deploy their WebTitan cloud locally in their country. 7,500 active and secure customers.



Cloud Web Content Filtering Features

Cloud or On Premise Deployment Options

WebTitan can be deployed via a shared cloud, private cloud or on premise (Gateway) as software or a virtual appliance, whichever suits your business best.

Web Categorisation

WebTitan filters website URL’s into 53 predefined categories such as malware, social media, news, pornography, gambling etc. Using WebTitan you can easily create and manage your own policy to protect your users, including whitelists and blacklists of URL’s and domains. WebTitan allows the administrator to create exceptions to the general internet policy, known as cloud or bypass Keys.

Security and Usage Reporting

WebTitan includes a comprehensive reporting suite giving full visibility on all web traffic into and out of your business. You have 20 canned reports initially and the ability to develop your own. All web filtering reports can be emailed directing and automatically to your inbox. You can get a personalized summary of malware sites visited, malicious requests, inappropriate site visits etc..

Multi-Vector Threat Detection

WebTitan leverages an integrative, multi-vector approach and in-house analysis to detect, monitor, and accurately categorize new threats.

WebTitan Web Filter Deployments


The Best Web Security Gateway solution to protect your company, users and network when on line.


WebTitan Cloud is brilliantly simple, set up in minutes and is easy to use. It provides the best cloud Web content filter and malware protection for your company and staff when online. Shared and private cloud versions available.


This web filter for Wi-Fi provides multi-tenant web content filtering and protection for Wi-fi Providers and public Wi-Fi spaces. An essential web security layer but also vital for blocking inappropriate web content. Easy to deploy in the cloud, a simple DNS redirect.


100% Coverage of the Top 1 Million most visited websites

6 billion pages on 700 million websites categorized into 53 easy categories. Crowd sourced and AI driven categorization. 99% accuracy of the entire active web, the industry leader.


No bypassing the filters due to untranslated banned content. Over 200 languages filtered on the fly. 550 million end users and growing.

53 content categories

Simple to configure and manage. Click categories on or off, to allow or block access. A simple traffic light system. Easy!

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WebTitan – A vital web security and protection layer for business

Advanced threat protection from malware, malicious sites, phishing sites, C2 callbacks, ransomware, botnets, spyware and viruses. 7,500 secure customers and growing