About the safe search and IP sessions

Using Safe search within WebTitan

WebTitan allows you to apply search engine  Safe search functionality within the WebTitan web filter on your companies machines.

What is “safe search” function in WebTitan

The safe search function allows you to force users going through WebTitan to use safe search for several major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How to enable safe search in WebTitan

To enable it edit a policy from the ‘Policies > Filtering Policies’ tab and go to the ‘safe search’ section. To test it, do a google search. Above the results beside the search field you will see ‘Safesearch Strict’ and you will not be able to change this option from here.
Many users prefer not to have adult content included in their search results. The major search engines Safe Search filters allows you  to change your browser setting to prevent adult content from appearing in your search results

What are IP sessions?

When setting up NTLM authentication on WebTitan you can also enable IP sessions.
Once IP sessions is enabled WebTitan will associate an authenticated user with their connecting IP address. In this mode of operation WebTitan will only authenticate the session when the IP session timeout is exceeded. Without IP sessions enabled WebTitan will continually authenticate each client connection. Continually authenticating increases resource demands. Enabling IP sessions also reduced the risk of users receive authentication pop-ups on their screen.
If you have an infrastructure where IP addresses are shared, e.g. terminal server clients, you should add their IP’s to the Terminal Server(s) IP area. This will ensure that if a user logs into a terminal server their username will be fixed to that IP along with any policy they may use.