Blocking Facebook Applications with WebTitan

How to allow general access to Facebook while blocking games and  time wasting pursuits like Farmville?

Social media opens up new and powerful ways to engage with a company’s customer base.  On the other hand, it can expose business to security threats and reduced network productivity. Realistically it’s not possible or practical to try and lock down social media within a functioning 2012 company, rather the best approach is to  implement clear, fair and reasonable guidelines.

Allowing general access to facebook while blocking games and popularly considered time wasting pursuits like farmville, drawsomething, words with friends and other applications is a sensible approach.

You can do this flexibly and easily using WebTitan. Go to the ‘Filtering > Domains’ tab and add to the blacklist, this will block facebook applications globally. This is very useful when companies want to allow employees access facebook including the corporate facebook page but block games like Farmville or other popular time consuming applications. This is a commonly used feature and customers are already finding it provides them with a flexible solution  in terms of balancing social media use in the company.