Dynamic Cloud Based URL Lookup

WebTitan offers administrators policy based URL filtering defined into 53 predefined categories with the option of an additional 8 customizable categories. These categories consist of 10’s of millions of URL’s providing 99.9% coverage of the websites surfed by users. The accuracy of these categories is maintained by constant automatic updating of the categories ensuring new websites are added to the correct categories.
These categories are also backed up with a real time cloud based URL look up system. In the event of a user trying to access an uncategorized website, the cloud based system is used to provide a real time look up and dynamic classification of the unknown URL which is then fed to the local data base.

How it works?

  • A user tries to access an undefined website
  • WebTitan will go to the cloud to search a central database for the unknown URL, if it is found it will be returned and categorized
  • If it is not found in the central database than an auto classification system will be used, whereby, based on a computerized analyses of website properties, it will be added to a category and a result returned to the WebTitan appliance.
  • If the auto classification does not generate a result the website will be analyzed by a team on engineers who will determine its category and return a result.

WebTitan’s combined local database and real-time cloud based look up system ensures users are continuously protected from malware and other malicious content while the company’s internet usage policy is adhered to in today’s dynamic Web 2.0 environment.