Best DNS Security

The best DNS security solution to implement to protect your business is one that is easy to set up and use, requires next to no maintenance, and operates in the background to prevent users of your wired or wireless networks from accessing websites that violate your acceptable Internet usage policies, stops them visiting malicious websites, and blocks the downloads of malicious programs from the Internet.

What is a DNS Filter?

Before explaining the features that the best DNS security solutions have, it is worthwhile explaining what a DNS filter is and why it is needed. A DNS filter is a type of web filtering solution that is used for two main purposes:

1. Prevents users from accessing malicious sites hosting malware, ransomware, Trojans, downloaders, and phishing forms

When a user attempts to visit one of those sites, no content will be downloaded thus preventing malware downloads and credential theft. The user will be presented with a locally hosted block screen explaining why access to that web page or website has been blocked and the access attempt will be logged.

2. Allows businesses to carefully control the online content that can be accessed

Administrators can carefully control the types of content that can be accessed online by blocking certain categories of web content – pornography, gambling, hate speech, dating, gaming, social media etc. – to enforce acceptable Internet usage policies. It is also possible to block websites based on the presence of certain administrator-defined keywords.

A DNS filter works at the DNS lookup stage of a web request when the requested URL is checked to find the corresponding IP address. This is preferable to other types of web filter as it means access to a web page, website, or application is blocked before any content is downloaded, which is better for security and means the content filtering does not have an impact on Internet speed.

Features of the Best DNS Security Solutions

The best DNS security solutions are fed extensive threat intelligence to ensure they provide up-to-the-minute protection against newly discovered malicious web pages, extensive coverage and categorization of the Internet, multiple-language coverage, flexible policies, extensive reporting options, and highly granular filtering controls to prevent over- or under-blocking of web content.

The best DNS security solutions provide excellent protection from web-based threats, but usability is a key consideration. Overly complicated solutions that do not place all controls and reports at users’ fingertips, and solutions that have a high management overhead are a burden on the security teams that have to use them on a day-to-day basis. The best DNS filters are essentially set-and-forget solutions for most users.

The top DNS security solutions are easy to set up and use, but there may be times when users have questions or need assistance. One often overlooked aspect of DNS filtering is being able to get help quickly when it is needed. Great customer service often falls flat after businesses sign on the dotted line and make a purchase. Having a solution provider that continues to provide world-class customer service after the sale is very important (as is not having to pay extra for customer support).

Introducing WebTitan DNS Filter

We believe the WebTitan DNS filter is the best DNS security solution for SMBs and managed service providers serving the SMB market, and also a great option for enterprises.

Why the WebTitan DNS Filter is the best DNS security solution:

  • Market-leading accuracy, coverage, and malicious website detection using analytics from 650-million end users and 5 trillion web queries a month.
  • Covers more than 99.9% of the active web and 100% coverage of the Alexa Top 1 million most visited websites
  • Blocks 3 million+ URLs and phishing sites at any one time
  • 700 million URLs crawled daily and 300,000 revisits a day
  • 100,000 new malicious URLs are added each day on average
  • Coverage of 200 languages
  • Block using 53 unique categories and up to 10 user-defined custom categories
  • Real-time threat intelligence feed for up-to-the-minute protection
  • Zero-latency with 5-microsecond database lookups
  • Real-time views of Internet activity with individual user identification
  • World-class customer service and support from the free trial to after-sales support at no extra cost
  • Full path detection for deep analysis of malicious URLs
  • Extensive reporting suite
  • Highly granular filtering to prevent over- and under-blocking of web content
  • Quick and simple set up – Under 20 minutes
  • Easy to use by non-technical individuals
  • Low management overhead
  • Transparent and flexible pricing policy with monthly billing
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Multiple hosting options, including in your own data center
  • Provided as a white label to MSPs to take their branding

Why the WebTitan DNS Filter is the Best DNS Security Solution

The WebTitan DNS filter has been developed to provide top-class protection against web-based threats, but considerable effort has been put into making the solution easy to implement and easy to use. IT security teams have enough on their hands without having to spend their time on web filtering!

Many businesses do not have IT security teams and need to handle security themselves. They do not want a steep learning curve to use a DNS filter and want to just set the solution up and let it do its thing. WebTitan has the advanced features needed by security teams but is simple to use, which is why the solution is so popular with users.

Every salesman will say their DNS filter is the best DNS security solution available, but those claims are not often backed up by actual users of the solution. We believe WebTitan is the best DNS security solution and so do most of our customers. The WebTitan Web filter is consistently awarded top marks on independent software review sites including G2 Crowd, Software Advice, Google Reviews and, in 2021, TitanHQ was rated the Best Web Service Provider by Expert Insights.