The Best Spam Filter for Outlook Doesn’t Have to be the Most Complex

Most businesses using Outlook are accustomed to its complexity and the high administrative load, but this doesn´t mean the best spam filter for Outlook also has to be complex. Indeed, some options can be extremely effective at detecting spam just by doing things simply.

Take SpamTitan for example. Compared to Outlook´s spam filter, SpamTitan is much easier to configure and operate, yet achieves a much higher spam detection rate. It does this by replacing Outlook´s complicated front-end tests and the much-maligned IP throttling with a process known as Greylisting.

The Greylisting process returns all non-whitelisted inbound mail to its originating servers, requesting the email is sent again. Whereas genuine email servers respond to the request within minutes, spammers´ servers are usually too busy to comply with the request and the spam email never gets returned.

Therefore, whereas Outlook is good at detecting spam email from previously-known sources, SpamTitan can prevent spam emails being delivered from both previously-known and previously unknown sources – reducing businesses´ exposure to email-borne threats such as malware and ransomware.

Further Security Advantages of SpamTitan vs Outlook Spam Filter

Naturally some spam emails evade machine detection from time to time. Those that are simply spam are usually harmless and easy to identify by end users. Those with more malicious intent are sophisticated in their construction and often targeted at individual users.

What makes SpamTitan the best spam filter for Outlook in these circumstances is a range of security features to prevent sophisticated emails reaching their intended targets – features rarely present in other third-party solutions. These features include:

  • Malicious URL detection to identify links to malicious websites that have appeared in previous spam emails.
  • Pattern learning to anticipate new attack methods and quarantine potential threats before they reach users´ inboxes.
  • Data leak protection that enables the tagging of specific keywords and flags inbound and outbound mail containing those words.

Further feature provided free with SpamTitan are only available at a premium on Outlook. These include synchronization with Active Directory and LDAP, and outbound mail scanning – a process that can help identify whether a business email account has been compromised and is being remotely controlled by a cybercriminal to send spam email from a “trusted” source with an established IP address.

SpamTitan is the Best Spam Filter for Outlook for Ease of Use

SpamTitan offers a choice of deployment options – on-premises and cloud-based – both of which can be up and running within a matter of minutes. Our solution takes no time integrating and synchronizing with other management tools, after which any adjustments to user, group, or domain spam confidence levels can be applied via a user-friendly, web-based administrative portal.

Thereafter, SpamTitan has an incredibly low maintenance overhead. The filters used to reduce spam and block email-borne threats are updated automatically, and quarantine reports can be scheduled at regular intervals or ordered on demand. To further reduce the administrative load, SpamTitan supports multi-level administration across groups, domains, and data centers if required.

You can find out more about how SpamTitan can resolve the problem of spam email without increasing the administrative load by calling our Sales technicians and requesting a free trial of easy-to-use solution. Our free trial gives you the opportunity to evaluate SpamTitan in your own environment and make an informed decision about whether SpamTitan is the best spam filter for Outlook in your particular circumstances.