What Makes the Best Spam Filtering Service?

Security experts agree the best spam filtering service is compiled of multiple features to protect businesses from excessive levels of spam emails and the threats that accompany them (malware, phishing, ransomware, etc.). What they might not agree on is which features should be given priority when choosing the best spam filtering service for business.

Consequently, we have compiled a list of the top seven features that we believe contribute towards making the best spam filtering service. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and therefore businesses should decide for themselves which features are most relevant to them in their business environments. The key features of a spam filter service are presented  below in no specific order of priority.


A spam filter service will block the delivery of emails from known sources of spam. Greylisting is used to prevent the delivery of emails from previously unknown sources of spam. This is achieved by returning non-whitelisted emails to their originating servers with a request for the email to be resent. Spammers´ servers are usually too busy to respond to the request, and the spam email never comes back.

Accelerated Filtering Rates

With fewer spam emails going beyond the Greylisting process, the rate at which remaining emails are filtered is significantly accelerated. This can be used to a business´s advantage to reduce the administrative burden and better protect against email-borne threats, as it will not be so necessary to whitelist so many “trusted” senders in order to avoid delays in the delivery of their emails.

Outbound Email Scanning

Outbound email scanning is a valuable security tool for identifying business email accounts that may have been compromised and are being used as “trusted” senders to distribute spam or malware. Not only might this save a business from an internal threat, but also protect their reputation with business partners and other important entities.

Advanced Anti-Virus Software

Most anti-virus software works by scanning devices and networks for the presence of malware after it has been deployed. The best spam filtering service will scan inbound and outbound emails and their attachments for malware as they flow through the mail server in order to identify threats before they have the opportunity to be deployed.

Phishing Protection/Malicious URL Blocking

This feature compares links in the body of emails against a database of malicious URLs known to have been included in previous phishing emails. Malicious URL blocking can prevent the most carefully-crafted spear phishing attack from reaching its destination, and adds the sender´s IP address to the database in order to block future attempts using a different URL.

Data Leak Protection

Data leak protection is a relatively new development in email filtering. It allows the tagging of user-defined keywords so that if an email containing a tagged keyword passes through the filtering service, the email is flagged (or quarantined depending on how the feature has been configured. This feature is designed to stop the leak of confidential data, either to a malicious actor or from a malicious insider.

Ease of Operation

The best email filtering service in the world may not be of value to businesses if it is too complicated to operate. Therefore, whatever solution is chosen to protect businesses from excessive levels of spam emails and the threats that accompany them must be user-friendly for customizing the service to the business´s specific security requirements.

Adding an Email Filtering Service to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 includes some email security features as standard in its Exchange Online Protection (EOP) feature; however, many businesses find the basic level of protection provided by Microsoft’s email filtering service to fall short of requirements. The email filter in Office 365 does a reasonable job of blocking spam, but it is not so effective at blocking phishing emails and zero-day malware threats, which often sneak past EOP.

To improve protection you need to use a third-party email filtering service to add another layer of security to Office 365. In contrast to Office 365’s standard email filtering service, SpamTitan uses machine learning techniques to identify new phishing threats that have not been seen before. Greylisting is used to identify new sources of spam and phishing emails, and sandboxing is used to identify and block zero-day malware threats. These features are not provided in Microsoft’s email filtering service.

Is SpamTitan Email Filtering the Best Spam Filtering Service for Business?

If your current filtering service does not support all these features, you could be experiencing a higher level of spam and email-borne threats than necessary. The SpamTitan spam filtering service offers all these features – and more – to achieve spam detection rates of 99.97%. If you would like to know more about SpamTitan – and whether it could be the best spam filtering service for your business – do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our team of Sales Technicians will talk you through the deployment options, the email continuity service, and much more before inviting you to take a free trial. This offer gives you the opportunity to experience our feature-rich spam filter service, discover how easy it is to use, and evaluate the solution in your own environment to help you make an informed decision about whether SpamTitan is the best spam filtering service for your business.