Selecting the Best Web Filter for Your Business

Selecting the best web filter for your business can involve a lot of difficult choices. Do you opt for the most economic? Do you prioritize network security over business efficiency? Or, do you try to balance cost with security and efficiency? The answers to these questions are not always easy to find.

Cost is an important consideration for many businesses; but implementing the cheapest Internet filtering solution can be a false economy. Many of the cheapest options claiming to be the best web filter are easy for users to disable and may not support individual user or multiple group settings.

Prioritizing network security over business efficiency can create problems if network users are unable to access business-critical websites and web applications. However, it is possible to find an ideal solution that maximizes network protection and enhances business efficiency at a competitive price.

WebTitan: The Best Web Filter for Network Security

We believe WebTitan is the best web filter for network security because of the multiple mechanisms it uses to detect threats that pass through a network firewall. Using a combination of blacklists, URIBL filters and SURBL filters, WebTitan prevents network users accessing websites –

  • known to be harboring malware or likely to have security vulnerabilities,
  • that hide their true identity behind the whois privacy feature, and
  • that share an IP address with known sources of unsolicited email.

WebTitan´s Internet filtering solutions also support HTTPS filtering so the content of encrypted websites can be scanned for malware and checked for links to malicious URLs known to have been used in phishing attacks. Research has found that 99.5% of encrypted websites with the word “PayPal” in their URLs harbor malware or contain links to websites used to execute phishing attacks.

Network Security without Compromising Business Efficiency

A further reason why we believe WebTitan is the best web filter for business is that it maximizes network security without compromising business efficiency. Indeed, in many scenarios, WebTitan actually enhance network productivity due to its versatile policy engine.

The policy engine allows network administrators to quickly and easily block access to fifty-three different categories of online content, and fine-tune their selections by using keyword filters, bandwidth controls and the whitelisting facility. This process blocks access to non-work related online activities, increasing productivity and eliminating a number of HR issues.

User policies can be applied by individual user, user group and network-wide; and, as this can be a resource-intensive process in larger organizations, WebTitan has been developed to integrate with directory tools in order to accelerate the policy application process. WebTitan also integrates with existing Safe Search settings on all the main search engines.

Simple, Yet Effective, with a Choice of Deployment Options

A web filter too complicated to configure will result in it being less than effective. For this reason we have developed the WebTitan range of web filters with user-friendly administrative controls, policy violation alerts and a suite of reporting options to reduce the workload on network administrators.

The WebTitan range is not only simple to configure and manage, but comes in a choice of deployment options. This gives businesses of all sizes and with all network structures the opportunity to experience maximum network protection and enhanced business efficiency at a competitive price.

  • WebTitan Gateway is a software-based Internet filtering solution that can be installed in a business´s physical or virtual infrastructure.
  • WebTitan Cloud is a universally compatible DNS-based Internet filtering solution that delivers a filtered Internet service with imperceptible latency.
  • WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is the best web filter for businesses providing a WiFi service to the public or operating a BYOD policy for employees.

Try a WebTitan Internet Filtering Solution for Free

To find out whether you agree with our assessment of WebTitan, you are invited to contact us and organize a free trial of the best web filter for your particular circumstances. Our team of helpful Sales Technicians will happily answer any questions you have about implementing and configuring your choice of Internet filtering solution, and guide you through the registration process to start your free trial.