A chronic lack of cybersecurity funding is a common problem. Network administrators and IT managers alike must learn to deal with a small budget and do more with the money they have available. Unfortunately, budgets are unlikely to be increased substantially, even when faced with new threats and a greater risk of suffering cyberattacks. You will be expected to do your job with the money that has been allocated. At best you may get a slight funding increase for next year. In the meantime, you will just need to do your best. Your best must also be good enough.

Get organized and stop wasting time on repetitive tasks

You will get request after request via your support line, and many support tickets will be submitted requiring you to do the same thing over and over again. You can spend time dealing with the same problems, commit an extraordinary amount of time to fixing the same email, network, hardware, and software issues, but that is time and money that could be spent on other more important tasks. What you must do is tackle these problems and determine the root cause. Sort these out, and the support tickets will stop. It will take longer initially, but will save you a considerable amount of time in the long run.

Deal with a lack of cybersecurity funding by saving money and achieving more in less time

You may be thinking that is easier said than done. There may not be money to spend on new hardware or software. You cannot pay for solutions if the money is not available. There is a solution though. You can address these problems by cutting back on the time and resources devoted to other tasks. Like tackling the root cause of malware issues, virus infections, phishing scams, and many system malfunctions.

You can prevent a great deal of support tickets and save a lot of time by implementing two software solutions that have been designed to stop network administrators, IT helpdesk staff, and IT managers wasting time. A lack of cybersecurity funding need not mean you have to leave your network open to hacker attack, or leave your end users (and your network) exposed.

SpamTitan and WebTitan are two cybersecurity solutions that are cost-effective, easy to implement, and easy to manage. They will also help to keep your end users and network protected. A lack of cybersecurity funding need not spell disaster.

Coping with a lack of cybersecurity funding: SpamTitan and WebTitan anti-spam and web filtering solutions

SpamTitan offers IT professionals an easy option for dealing with email spam and the problems it causes. Cut down on the common reasons for end users submitting support tickets and calling IT support helplines, and save time and money. Your resources can then be diverted to dealing with more critical IT issues.

SpamTitan will clean inbound and outbound emails and will prevent issues created by:

  • Spam and bulk emails
  • Malware and viruses
  • Dangerous email attachments
  • Spam websites and spam hosts
  • Phishing emails and malicious links
  • Outbound spam
  • IP address blocking and blacklisting
  • Rate threshold violations
  • IT related business reputation damage

WebTitan web filtering solutions keep users protected and cut back on wasted time from:

  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Drive-by attacks
  • Malicious websites
  • Social media usage issues
  • Accessing of inappropriate content
  • Loss of bandwidth
  • Malicious adverts
  • Inappropriate Internet use
  • Rogue app threats

For further information on how WebTitan and SpamTitan can save your company – and the IT department – time and money, visit: www.spamtitan.com and www.webtitan.com