Ireland is famous for many things, but cybersecurity technology would not come top of many peoples list of famous Irish exports. However, that is fast changing thanks to an Irish cybersecurity firm called SpamTitan Technologies.

Irish CyberSecurity Company Ranks in Cybersecurity Ventures’ Top 125

SpamTitan Technologies is the top Irish cybersecurity firm according to the recent “Cybersecurity 500” list produced by Californian Security Research organization, Cybersecurity Ventures, having been ranked in position 123 out of the top 500 firms.

Cybersecurity Ventures compiled the list of the world’s top internet, email, and network security firms to help companies of all sizes pick the most appropriate IT security partners. The CV top 500 list is aimed at IT security professionals, CISOs, CIOs and VCs, and helps them to find the best products and best partners to assist them keep their confidential data secured and their networks protected from attack.

No company pays to be included in the list, and the companies are not selected on size or revenue. Instead they are chosen based the quality of the products and services offered. The list is compiled by obtaining recommendations from security experts on efficiency, effectiveness, speed, ease of implementation, and usability of the products.

Galway-based SpamTitan Technologies is an up and coming Irish cybersecurity firm that specializes in developing powerful solutions that allow small to medium sized enterprises to tackle the growing problem of hacking, data theft, and sabotage. Online criminals are targeting corporations of all sizes and many small to medium sized businesses are struggling to repel attacks. There are many possible attack vectors and the threat landscape is constantly changing, but some of the biggest threats to data and network security are targeting employees. Workers are widely regarded as the weakest link in the security chain.

SpamTitan Technologies provides powerful, cost-effective, and easy to implement email and Internet security solutions that help businesses increase protections against malicious outsiders. The company’s products help businesses reduce the risk of data breaches and network infiltration by keeping employees’ devices protected and reducing the opportunities given to cybercriminals to launch an attack.

Over the past couple of years there has been a decline in the volume of spam emails being sent. Just a few years ago over 70% of the total number of emails sent were actually spam. Botnets have recently been taken down and one of the world’s most active spammers has been arrested. This year spam email accounted for just under 50% of total email volume.

This is certainly good news. Less time is spent dealing with annoying emails. However, the risk of harm to equipment and finances does not appear to be reducing at the same rate. In fact, the risk of suffering losses due to the activities of cybercriminals is increasing. Spam email volume may be decreasing, but the quality and sophistication of spam email attacks has increased. Spam email still represents a major threat to businesses.

SpamTitan Technologies is tackling the issue. The company’s Anti-Spam solutions use two powerful anti-virus engines to scan incoming and outgoing email, with independent tests showing a catch rate of 99.7%, while the false positive rate is virtually zero. Less spam is delivered to employees’ inboxes, reducing the risk of malware and viruses being delivered.

The Irish cybersecurity firm also offers protection from the growing online phishing threat. Spam email volume is falling, but the number of malicious websites being created is increasing. Online criminals are switching their mode of attack and are targeting Internet and social media users. SpamTitan Technologies’ WebTitan web filtering solution offers protection from phishing websites and sites containing malicious code. Phishing attempts are blocked, users are prevented from visiting malicious websites, and their computers are kept free from malware. So are the networks those computers connect to.

There may not be many Irish cybersecurity firms in the list – just three in fact – but SpamTitan has been rated the hottest prospect and is the Irish cybersecurity company to watch in 2015. NetFort was also named in the list, with the Network Security monitoring company just creeping into the top 500 list at position 498. PixAlert, the IT governance and compliance firm, placed inside the top 350 global firms at position 332.