TitanHQ customers that are currently using the ArcTitan email archiving solution for long term email storage will soon benefit from a vastly improved email archiving service. TitanHQ is in the process of migrating customers to new email archiving systems that have been developed to improve performance, reliability, and scalability.

The new ArcTitan email archiving service is being delivered on new infrastructure – A highly available, horizontally scaling Kubernetes cluster that is self-maintaining and self-healing. Within the cluster are multiple components that work in harmony, but independently. This has the advantage of ensuring that in the event of a server outage or if a component goes down, there will be minimal or no downtime. Any time a component goes down, all others will remain available and the component that has gone down will be taken offline and automatically repaired. Other components will not be affected.

The new email archiving systems offer replicated persistent storage through Ceph storage clusters. This provides high performance storage and file systems, with automated data replication and fail over.  Amazon S3 is used for long term storage of archived email data, providing reliability, redundancy, and scalability. A Percona XtraDB MySQL cluster is deployed within Kubernetes for handling all database operations. The cluster is self-maintaining, self-healing, and can be scaled with minimal effort and zero downtime. Customers are also provided with a new and improved ArcTitan GUI.

Managing the Migration

TitanHQ is in the process of migrating ArcTitan customers to the new system and the process will be completed with minimal customer effort. First, TitanHQ will create a new account on the new infrastructure. Once the new account has been set up, TitanHQ will be in touch to provide the details and talk you through making a simple change to your connector/mail server to point it to the new server. Once that change has been made, all archived email will be sent to the new archive and the old account will receive no further archived emails. Once TitanHQ has verified mail flow, you will be told that the process has been completed.

TitanHQ will then commence the migration of your archive to the new account. Once that process has been completed, you will be contacted and asked to verify the data migration. Once confirmation has been received, the old archive on the original server will be deleted.

There will be a small delay between sending email to the new account and migrating your historical email data, but customers will not lose access to the old archive. Searches can still be performed on the old archive and you will retain full access to all of your historical email data during the migration.

If you have any questions about the migration or the new ArcTitan email archiving systems, our customer service team will be more than happy to help.