TitanHQ is excited to be heading to Threatlocker’s Zero Trust World 2022 in Orlando, Florida this February. The event draws cybersecurity professionals from across the United States and beyond who will gain valuable insights from some of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts that they can take away and apply to better protect their networks and data from the ever-increasing number of cyber threats.

The event runs from February 21-23, 2022 at The Rozen Plaza and attendees will benefit from keynotes explaining the current threat landscape and the importance of Zero Trust in protecting against those threats. There will be discussions about the latest hacking techniques – and how to stop them – and the theme for the final day is to get serious about tackling cyber threats, and attendees will learn about the latest cybersecurity solutions to allow them to level up their cybersecurity stack to better protect against the full range of cyber threats.

There will be live hacking demonstrations, attendees will discover the tools that hackers are successfully using to evade security and attack businesses, and there will be hands-on exercises in workshops, training sessions, and certification labs.

While cybersecurity solutions can certainly help, becoming secure takes planning, analysis, and strategy. Tips and techniques will be provided by some of the leading cybersecurity professionals from around the world, who will talk about the lessons learned from cyberattacks, and the solutions and techniques that have been successfully employed at businesses of all sizes to improve security.

This year, TitanHQ will be exhibiting at the event and will be on hand to explain how TitanHQ’s cybersecurity solutions can be used to improve cybersecurity defenses. TitanHQ has been providing cloud-based cybersecurity solutions to MSPs and SMBs for more than 20 years and today more than 12,000 businesses – including more than 2,500 MSPs – rely on TitanHQ’s cybersecurity solutions to protect against cyber threats: Spamitan Email Security, WebTitan Web Security, EncryptTitan Email Encryption, and ArcTitan Email Archiving.

If you have not yet booked your place at the event, you can register here. Be sure to come and visit the team to discover how TitanHQ solutions can help you grow your business and improve cybersecurity for you and your clients.