Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can easily boost their regular recurring revenue and help clients better protect against cyberattacks by providing security awareness training and phishing simulations. Security awareness training is now an essential part of any security strategy, as employees need to understand the threats they are likely to encounter and must learn how to recognize and avoid those threats. Cybercriminals are actively targeting employees as they know that they are a weak link in the security chain. Companies that fail to provide training to their workforce have a big security gap that cybercriminals can easily exploit.

Creating, running, and maintaining an effective employee security awareness training program can be a challenge for many businesses, which is why many turn to MSPs for help. Since security awareness training needs to be an ongoing process, MSPs that offer training can generate regular recurring revenue and, if they sign up with the right service provider, can make security awareness training a profitable service.

Security awareness training should be combined with phishing simulations – fake, but realistic phishing messages that are sent to the workforce to see how each employee responds. Any failure to identify a threat is turned into a training opportunity, and with SafeTitan, those failures instantly trigger training relevant to the threat that the employee failed to identify. That process is automated and ensures the employee is provided with relevant training at the point where it is likely to be most effective.

Creating phishing simulation programs need not be a time-consuming process. These campaigns could already be easily created through the MSP portal of the SafeTitan platform, but a new feature improves the efficiency of that process, allowing MSPs to set up and execute annual campaigns for their clients in just a few minutes. The new Auto Phishing Campaign feature allows MSPs to dramatically improve customer security awareness while reducing the time they have to spend spent planning and managing campaigns, significantly streamlining the process to improve the profitability of their phishing campaign service.

“By introducing automated campaign scheduling to SafeTitan, we are empowering our MSP partners to optimize their security training efforts, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional results to their clients,” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO at TitanHQ. “This new feature aligns perfectly with our MSP First Strategy and provides innovative solutions that simplify the complexities of managing a client’s security awareness training.”

If you want to find out more about the SafeTitan security awareness training and phishing simulation platform, give the TitanHQ channel team a call or register for a free demonstration of the platform.