TitanHQ has released WebTitan 5.03 which includes several new features that have been requested by managed service providers (MSPs) to improve usability, along with updated reports, layouts, and several bug fixes.

WebTitan is an award-winning DNS-based web filtering solution that has been adopted by thousands of SMBs, enterprises, and MSPs. WebTitan allows administrators to exercise control over the websites and web pages that can be accessed on wired and wireless networks through category-based and URL filtering, restrictions on file downloads from the Internet, and the blocking of malicious web content through constantly updated blacklists. WebTitan monitors and identifies malicious threats in real-time with unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy and has no limits on the volume of usage and no latency. WebTitan can be used to control Internet access on wired networks as well as off-network through the WebTitan On-the-Go (OTG) agent.

Notable feature upgrades included in WebTitan 5.03 include new customization capabilities for customers’ global default policies, which allow policies to be customized at the customer level. WebTitan 5.03 has the ability to inherit allowed and blocked domains from customers’ default policies, and support has now been added for allowing and blocking a top-level domain (TLD) on customer policy and global domains. MSPs benefit from customization of the global default policy at the MSP level, which allows custom default policies to be applied when creating customer accounts. Other enhancements include a new summary report page and an update to the layout of the custom block page. WebTitan 5.03 is now being rolled out to existing customers and is available to new customers.

Earlier this month, the SafeTitan security awareness training and phishing simulation platform received an update to add a new feature for MSPs to make it much easier for them to provide continuous training and phishing simulations to their customers. The Auto Campaigns feature allows MSPs to automate the provision of phishing simulation campaigns by creating an annual set of simulation campaigns for customers in a matter of minutes, greatly reducing the time that needs to be spent on planning and management. The new feature improves operational efficiency and profitability, eliminating the complexities of managing multiple customers’ security awareness training programs.

SpamTitan users are also due to receive an upgrade with the imminent release of SpamTitan version 9.01, which includes several new and advanced features to improve usability for MSPs. The upgrades include history/quarantine for MSPs to allow them to act on customer emails at the MSP level, Link Lock inheritance, which sees Link Lock inherited from the MSP level to avoid drilling down into individual domains, and pattern filtering for MSPs, which simplifies the administration of SpamTitan, allowing customers to be secured from one place.  Email analysis has also been made easier with a simplified mail view, and a new ‘Add Products’ section makes it easier for MSPs to offer other TitanHQ solutions to customers to provide defense-in-depth security to their customers.