What is Email Archiving?

An email archive is a secure repository for emails and attachments which may need to be accessed from time to time but are not needed on a day to day basis. An email archive securely preserves all email conversations in a searchable format that allows companies to satisfy state, federal, and industry requirements and meet their legal obligations for data retention.

Email Archives Save on Storage Space

While messages could be left in personal mailboxes, the number of emails received on a daily basis means the storage space required for each mailbox would be considerable, especially considering the requirement in many industries to retain emails for several years. Even if employees exercised strict control over their inboxes and mailbox folders and diligently deleted spam and non-official emails, storage space will still likely become an issue in a short space of time.

Archives are Searchable Email Stores

One common solution to preserve emails is a mailbox backup. Email backups allow an entire mailbox to be restored in the event of disaster and can be used to recover emails that have been accidentally deleted.

However, as with any store, be it a storeroom at work, or your attic or garage at home, knowing that an item is in storage does not mean it is easy to find. While you may need to invest a little time to find a particular item in your garage, it can be a gargantuan task to find a single email in an email backup containing thousands or even tens of thousands of messages, as backups are not searchable.

An email archive differs from a backup as messages are indexed to allow searches to be performed. Finding a message in a backup file can take hours or even days. Finding a message in an archive takes a matter of seconds or a minute or two at most. When an email needs to be produced for any reason, an email archive allows it to be quickly found.

Typically, IT staff have much more pressing things to attend to than recovering accidentally deleted emails. An email archive solves that problem as employees can be granted access to their own email archives. They can therefore be searched by employees without any IT department involvement. Further, if a cloud-based archive is used, emails can be accessed from any location and emails found even when the mail server is down.

There are naturally situations when more formal searches are required, such as when issues are identified with an employee and HR needs further information on the matter. Legal eDiscovery requests require large quantities of emails to be found and provided to attorneys, and customer disputes require email conversations to be quickly found. An archive significantly reduces the time taken for these tasks to be performed. A company-wide search of emails typically takes 80% less time when an archive is used.

Email Archives are Important for GDPR Compliance

When the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect, email archives became even more important. When a request is received from an individual who wants to exercise their right to be forgotten, all data must be erased, which includes data contained in email accounts. An email archive allows emails containing personal data of E.U. citizens to be quickly and easily found and deleted.

The email archive serves as a black box flight recorder for email, ensuring that come what may, all emails can be located. Emails in the archive are also tamper-evident and court admissible. This makes email archives important for compliance with state, federal, and industry regulations.

An Email Archive Saves Companies Time and Money

Mail server efficiency is improved by using archives, server management costs are reduced, and storage costs are slashed. Typically, companies can save up to 75% on storage space when an archive is used and up to 50% of maintenance time. Further, when emails need to be migrated to new mail servers, it is a much quicker process when the majority of emails have been placed in an archive. The cost savings from using an email archive are considerable.

An email archive can be used to retain a copy of every email sent and received. An audit trail is maintained, emails are saved in their original form and with emails in the archive, data cannot be lost or deleted accidentally. Whenever an email or attachment needs to be recovered, it can be quickly and easily found. An email archive is a low cost solution that saves companies time, money, and helps with compliance with state, federal, and industry regulations.

ArcTitan: A Fast, Efficient, Low Cost Email Archiving Solution for Businesses

If you have not yet started using an email archiving solution, TitanHQ has an ideal solution. ArcTitan is a fast, convenient, scalable, and low-cost archiving solution for SMBs, enterprises, and managed service providers.

ArcTitan is a cloud-based email archiving solution that integrates seamlessly with Outlook and all major mail clients. ArcTitan allows emails to be quickly and easily archived and retrieved on demand via super-fast, user-friendly search screens. Users can search up to 30 million emails a second, and emails are sent to the archive at a rate of 200 messages a second.

All emails are de-duplicated and compressed to reduce storage space and all messages and attachments are stored securely in IL5 certified datacenters on Replicated Persistent Storage on AWS S3 and are encrypted in transit and at rest.Routine maintenance runs 50% quicker and storage space can be reduced by up to 75%, leading to significant returns on investment for an organisation.

If you want an easy to use email archiving solution that can be implemented in minutes, is easy to use, and allows emails to recovered rapidly, contact the TitanHQ team today for further information.

MSPs that are looking to add email archiving to their service stacks would do well to use ArcTitan. ArcTitan has been developed with MSPs firmly in mind, and includes many MSP-friendly features. ArcTitan can be hosted with TitanHQ, in a private cloud, or even in an MSP’s data center and APIs allow the solution to be integrated into MSP’s back office systems. ArcTitan can be provided as a white label ready to take an MSP’s branding, and there are flexible payment options and generous margins. For further information call TitanHQ today and speak to the channel team.