What is a Business Content Filter?

A business content filter is enterprise-grade software for filtering Internet content that helps protect business networks against threats such as malware and ransomware. A business content filter can also mitigate the risk of network users becoming victims of phishing attacks, and be used to control access to the Internet by employees and guest network users.

In order to achieve all of its objectives, a business content filter uses multiple filtering mechanisms. The mechanisms to protect business networks and network users include blacklists of websites known to harbor malware and websites with IP addresses from which spam emails are known to have originated – spam emails the most commonly used attack vector for phishing.

As well as the blacklists, enterprise-grade business content filters have anti-virus software, malicious URL detection software and SSL inspection in order to prevent threats bypassing the filtering mechanisms within encrypted websites. Between them, the multiple filtering mechanisms provide a robust defense against threats such as malware and ransomware.

Filtering Internet Content for Employees and Guest Users

In addition to the mechanisms to help protect business networks, business content filters have versatile category and keyword filters. These filters can be applied by network administrators to control access to the Internet by employees and guest network users in order to enhance productivity, prevent potential HR issues and create a commercially-appropriate online environment.

Business content filters sort more than six billion web pages into fifty-three categories (abortion, adult entertainment, alcohol, etc.). Network administrators can select which categories to block with the click of a mouse from a centralized administrative portal. Alternatively, they can enter words into keyword fields to block access to a specific content with blocking access to the entire category into which it falls.

Administrator-initiated filtering parameters can be applied by individual user, user group or business-wide. They can also be applied by bandwidth, time or – for businesses with a network covering multiple locations – by IP address. The same level of granularity can be applied to “whitelisted” websites – trusted websites allowed to bypass the filtering parameters in order to improve network performance.

The Commercial Benefits of a Business Content Filter

Implementing a business content filter can have multiple commercial benefits. The primary benefit is that a network is less likely to be infected by malware or encrypted by ransomware – saving businesses thousands of dollars in recovery costs. Similarly, network users are less likely to fall victim to a phishing attack – mitigating the risk of a data breach or Business Email Compromise attack.

In terms of enhanced productivity, “cyber-slacking” is estimated to cost industry billions of dollars each year. By preventing employees from accessing non-work related websites – or by limiting access to certain times of the day – a business content filter can pay for itself in no time at all. Blocking access to video streaming sites will certainly result in an improved network performance.

A further commercial benefit applies to business in the service industry that provide a publicly-accessible WiFi service. By using the filter´s audit logs to monitor user activity, network administrators can identify the type of websites most frequently visited by network users. This information can help marketing personnel create targeted promotions based on their guests´ browsing preferences.

WebTitan´s Software for Filtering Internet Content

WebTitan´s software for filtering Internet content has been developed taking into account feedback from our existing clients and MSPs. We have developed enterprise-grade software for filtering Internet content that provides maximum protection against malware and ransomware, that has maximum granularity for applying and enforcing Internet use policies, and that is easy to use.

No special technical skills are required to implement and manage our business content filters. The filtering mechanisms to protect business networks are updated in real time, websites are categorized as they are published, and our software integrates with Active Directory in order that Internet use policies can be implemented seamlessly and changed quickly if required. Our software also comes with a choice of three deployment options:

  • WebTitan Gateway is a virtual appliance that is installed behind a network firewall.
  • WebTitan Cloud is a business content filter implemented with a change of DNS settings.
  • WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is similarly cloud-based and suitable for the protection of wireless networks and business networks with BYOD facilities.

To learn about our software for filtering Internet content, and to discuss which WebTitan business content filter may be most suitable for your needs, you are invited to contact us and speak with our team of Sales Technicians. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and will offer you a free trial of WebTitan to evaluate the most suitable business content filter in your own environment.

It takes just a few minutes to find out “What is a business content filter?” how it can help protect your network from web-borne threats, and how it can benefit your business commercially. Within twenty minutes, you could be protecting your network - and your network´s users - from malware, ransomware and phishing, and enforcing Internet use policies in order to enhance productivity in the workplace.