Cloud Based Email Security

Businesses are progressing with their cloud transformation strategies, which for many also involves migrating cybersecurity to the cloud, with cloud based email security fast becoming the norm. Cloud transformation is concerned with migrating IT functions from local in-house servers to the cloud and using the servers of cloud service providers rather than on-premises hardware. There are many benefits to this. There is no need to commit space to house IT equipment on-premises, the hardware maintenance is handled by the service provider, who will also ensure 99.99999% uptime, and if software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are used, the service provider will handle all the software upgrades and patching. Cloud computing also has the benefit of almost limitless scalability, and is much better suited to hybrid working.

Why is Cloud Based Email Security the Best Option for Businesses?

It makes a great deal of sense to opt for cloud based email security, which is provided as a SaaS solution by cybersecurity companies. Most businesses now use Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office 365) for email, or similar services such as G-Suite, and since these are cloud-based email services it makes sense to also use cloud based email security. If you still handle your email on-premises, that doesn’t mean cloud-based email security cannot be used, although some SaaS companies – TitanHQ included –offer a version of their email security solutions for use on-premises. TitanHQ’s most popular email security solution is SpamTitan Cloud, but SpamTitan Gateway can be provided as a virtual appliance for installation on-premises on existing hardware.

As with other cloud based services, SpamTitan Cloud requires no hardware to be committed to email security, the software is maintained and updated automatically by TitanHQ, and installation is a quick and easy process, only requiring you to change your MX records to point to SpamTitan Cloud. A key benefit of cloud based email security is a lower cost. With on-premises email security, each business must cover the cost of the hardware and maintenance, whereas in the cloud the costs are spread across many thousands of businesses, and that makes cloud based email security much more cost-effective. The scalability of the cloud means that when the business grows, the capacity can be easily adjusted upwards instantaneously, and the same applies if you need to downsize. Capacity can be adjusted so you only pay for what you need.

With cloud based email security, all checks and monitoring take place in the cloud, with businesses accessing the SaaS solution through a web-based interface, that can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access, naturally with robust authentication controls in place to prevent unauthorized access. System administrators can log in and manage the solution from anywhere.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), cloud based security solutions are by far the best choice. Cybersecurity services can be provided to clients without the need for any site visits to install hardware. Every aspect of security, including installation, configuration, and management can be provided remotely.

TitanHQ’s Cloud Based Email Security Solutions – SpamTitan Cloud and SpamTitan Plus

For over two decades, TitanHQ has been helping businesses block productivity-draining spam emails and cyber threats such as phishing, malware, botnets, ransomware, business email compromise, and social engineering. Cybercriminals and nation-state threat actors most commonly attack businesses by targeting employees, who are a security weak point, and the most common way for threat actors to reach employees is via email. Unfortunately, there is no single cybersecurity solution that is capable of blocking all threats, as multiple layers of security should be implemented, but SpamTitan Cloud gives businesses many layers of protection in one cybersecurity solution. SpamTitan solutions block spam emails and have advanced capabilities for blocking phishing, malware, botnets, viruses, ransomware, and social engineering attacks. SpamTitan Cloud will protect against all these threats, with SpamTitan Plus taking protection to the next level, and is the best option for enterprises and businesses that are more extensively targeted by malicious actors.

SpamTitan Cloud

SpamTitan Cloud is an award-winning cloud based email security solution for businesses of all sizes, from small firms with a handful of employees to large businesses with thousands of employees. For small businesses, SpamTitan Cloud is largely a set-and-forget solution that will block malicious attacks and spam emails, with minimal maintenance required. SpamTitan Cloud eliminates the complexity of email security associated with on-premises filtering and provides flexible and granular email security controls for businesses with more complex needs. The solution also provides valuable threat intelligence that allows businesses to investigate threats and take proactive steps to ensure they are protected in a rapidly changing threat landscape.

SpamTitan Cloud Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
  • 99.99% spam block rate with low, 0.003% false positive rate
  • Detection of 100% of known malware using dual antivirus engines
  • Email sandboxing for behavioral analysis of malware for identifying and blocking zero-day malware threats
  • Threat-intelligence-driven detection of malicious emails with 6 dedicated real-time blacklists
  • Advanced threat protection provided by Bayesian auto-learning and heuristics to predict novel phishing attacks
  • Integration with directory services such as AD and LDAP for rapid application of filtering controls for different user groups
  • Highly customizable policies (organization-wide, domain, user group, and individual)
  • Blocking of user-specified attachments by type (per domain)
  • Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
  • SASL authentication
  • Outbound scanning with data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Multi-tenanted solution for MSPs with APIs for integration into existing security/auto-provisioning systems
  • Choice of hosting options (TitanHQ public cloud, private cloud, or within an MSP’s own infrastructure)
  • Can be provided to MSPs and resellers as a white label
  • Affordable monthly billing
  • Industry-leading customer support

SpamTitan Plus

SpamTitan Plus is our most advanced cloud based email security solution, that provides all the benefits of SpamTitan Cloud, with enhanced protection against malicious links in emails, that provides industry-leading protection against phishing attacks.

SpamTitan Plus Benefits

  • SpamTitan Plus rewrites URLs in emails and follows all redirects
  • Provides time-of-click protection against malicious links
  • 100% coverage of ALL current market-leading anti-phishing feeds.
  • 1.5X increase in unique phishing URL detections
  • 1.6X faster phishing detections than the current market leaders
  • Massive click-streak traffic from more than 600 million endpoints worldwide
  • 10 million net new, previously undiscovered phishing URLs every single day
  • 5 minutes from the initial detection of a malicious URL to protect all end users’ mailboxes

Other Cloud Based Cybersecurity Solutions from TitanHQ

SpamTitan Cloud and SpamTitan Plus are two products in a suite of cybersecurity and compliance solutions that are easy to implement and use. Other solutions provided by TitanHQ include:

  • WebTitan Cloud – A zero-latency DNS-based web filtering solution for blocking web-borne threats and controlling the content that can be accessed via wired and wireless networks.
  • SafeTitan Security Awareness Training – A comprehensive security awareness training platform for teaching security and cybersecurity best practices and phishing email identification and avoidance, with includes a phishing simulator for testing susceptibility to phishing attacks
  • EncryptTitan Email Encryption – An easy-to-implement email encryption solution to prevent the interception of emails in transit.
  • ArcTitan Email Archiving – A cloud-delivered email archiving solution with no limits on email storage to support compliance, disaster recovery, and ensure the constant availability of emails.

All TitanHQ solutions are available on a free trial, with full product support provided during the trial. Product demonstrations can be arranged on request. For more information, contact TitanHQ today.