Cloud Based Web Filtering for Schools

There are a number of web filtering options available, although cloud based web filtering for schools is usually the most cost-effective and practical solution for controlling the content that can be accessed via wired and wireless networks.

A hardware-based web filtering appliance can be used to control the website content that can be accessed by staff and students, although multiple appliances are likely to be required by state school districts and the upfront costs of purchasing the equipment can be considerable. Further, if the number of users increases, it may be necessary to upgrade appliances resulting in even more expenditure. Hardware-based appliances also need to be maintained. Over time, firmware upgrades are likely to be required and IT staff must be on site to perform those tasks.

Cloud based web filters on the other hand require no hardware purchases, as the solution is hosted in the cloud. That also means there is no need to install any software to start filtering the Internet. To start controlling accessible website content all that is required is for the school’s DNS to be pointed to the solution provider. This process typically takes a couple of minutes.

Without any hardware or software installations, there is no need for IT staff to be on site. If any upgrades are required, they are performed by the solution provider. Cloud-based filters therefore have a low management overhead and there is less wastage compared to appliance-based solutions. Cloud based web filtering for schools is paid for by purchasing licenses based on the number of users.

Why is Cloud Based Web Filtering for Schools Necessary?

Internet content control is a requirement of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). If a technical solution is not put in place to prevent obscene images from being accessed, schools will not be eligible to apply for E-Rate discounts. It is also a mandatory requirement for public-funded schools in many states.

Cloud based web filtering for schools is also an important cybersecurity protection. Blacklists of phishing websites and sites known to host malware can easily be uploaded. Any time a user attempts to respond to a phishing email or visit a malicious website, the request will be blocked. Some web filtering solutions also inspect encrypted web traffic offering an additional level of protection against web-based cyber-threats.

  • Cloud-based web filters are much simpler to install and configure than software or hardware based solutions.
  • Our versatile and easy-to-use cloud-based web filters support all types of network, devices, and operating systems.
  • Protect your students from exposure to inappropriate content in compliance with CIPA and state legislation.
  • Defend your network against web-borne threats such as malware and ransomware, while mitigating the threat of phishing.
  • Protect devices and apply filtering controls no matter where that device is used to access the Internet

School Cloud-Based Web Filtering Solutions from TitanHQ

TitanHQ offers powerful, versatile and easy-to use cloud based web filtering for schools and educational institutions of all sizes. WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allow schools to carefully control the website content accessible through their wired and wireless networks, and beyond with the installation of a roaming agent on school-issued and personally-owned devices. All devices are supported, including Chromebooks, there is no impact on Internet speed, and the solutions are highly scalable. Both solutions can be installed and configured in a matter of minutes.

A highly intuitive web-based interface allows administrators to apply acceptable usage policies quickly, with three methods of content control – Blacklists, category filtering and keyword filtering. Highly granular controls reduce the potential for over-blocking of website content and place schools in total control of the content that can be accessed by users.

Block Access to Inappropriate Content such as:
Alcohol Pornography Profanity
Gambling Violence Criminal Skills
Hate Speech Weapons Warfare
Illegal Drugs Occultism Chatrooms

Both solutions are available to educational institutions on a fourteen-day free trial. During the trial, schools have access to the full product and benefit from customer and technical support for the full fourteen days. No contracts are required, credit card details do not need to be supplied, and there is no obligation to continue with the service at the end of the trial. If you do decide to proceed, you can take advantage of our flexible and highly competitive pricing policy.

If you have any questions about cloud based web filtering for schools or would like more information about WebTitan Cloud or WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, contact us today.


Do school web filtering solutions allow content control for remote learning?

WebTitan Cloud is an ideal web filter for schools. The solution can be used to apply content filtering controls for wired and wireless networks in schools and can be set up on school-issued laptops to apply content controls no matter where those laptops are used to access the Internet.

Is cloud based web filtering for schools better than a web filter appliance?

Cloud based web filtering offers several advantages over appliances. There is no need to pay upfront for a costly appliance, cloud filtering is highly scalable so you will only pay for the capacity you need, and cloud filters are more suitable for applying content controls for students who are learning remotely.

Does web filtering software for schools provide a real-time view of Internet access?

Some web filtering software, WebTitan Gateway, for instance, can provide a real-time view of Internet activity by anyone connected to the network. It is also possible to generate alerts when certain types of prohibited content are being accessed, and reports of user activity can be configured and scheduled.

What are the best web filters for schools?

The best web filters for schools have highly granular filtering mechanisms to ensure important educational material is not inadvertently blocked. Overblocking of web content used to be a problem with early school Internet filters, but solutions such as WebTitan allow precision control over the types of web content that students can access. The best web filters for schools are easy to use, require no technical skill to configure, and allow administrators to delegate certain functions to department heads and teachers.

Will students be able to circumvent content controls?

When configuring web filtering for schools it is important to block anonymizer services, as these are commonly used to bypass school web filters. With WebTitan, this involves a click of a mouse in the content filtering section of the web-based user interface. Settings on computers should also be locked down to prevent students from changing the DNS settings.

How much does WebTitan Internet filtering for schools cost?

The price of the WebTitan web filter for schools is dependent on several factors. Give the TitanHQ sales team a call, and after asking a few quick questions, we will be able to recommend the best deployment option and will be able to give you an accurate quote. We can also help set you up for a free trial of the solution so you can see for yourself how easy the solution is to use.