Cloud Web Security

One of the most important factors in cloud web security, indeed in any area of online security, is keeping your network free from malware. In order to achieve this, you need to take a multilayered approach to keeping your network secure and protecting it from online threats. Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Within the multilayered approach, there is one element that is key to keeping your network free from malware – an effective Internet filter. “Surely all Internet filters are designed to be effective?” you may ask. Technically you are right. However there are certain features that an Internet filter needs to have in order to be truly effective – namely ease of use, flexibility and SSL inspection.

Why Ease of Use and Flexibility are Important

Whatever solutions you implement in your multilayered approach to cloud web security, they have to be easy to use and flexible. If they are too complicated to use, mistakes will be made in their configuration and application. In terms of Internet filtering, this could result in filtering out access to business-critical websites or applications, or conversely leaving gateways open for cybercriminals.

Similarly, without flexibility, the filter´s parameters could be set too high – again blocking access to business-critical online activities – or, if relaxed too much, gaps could appear in your cloud web security to allow the deployment of malware and ransomware. In order to ascertain whether any solution is easy to use and flexible, always take advantage of any free trials in order to conduct your own evaluation.

Cloud Web Security and SSL Inspection

SSL inspection is a must if an Internet filter is going to be fully effective. The SSL inspection process decrypts, reads and re-encrypts the content of encrypted websites to ensure they do not contain threats to the network, and to ensure that any requests to visit an encrypted website comply with acceptable use policies. It can delay Internet speed, but is an essential process to ensure cloud web security.

Without SSL inspection, Internet filters would be unable to read the content of encrypted pages and, not recognizing any present threats or breaches of an acceptable use policy, would allow access to website. With more than half of the world´s most-visited websites now encrypted, any cloud web security solution that lacks SSL inspection is going to be less than 50% effective at identifying online threats.

Why Cloud-Based Internet Filters are Faster

Although there may be little difference between the ease of use and flexibility of hardware-based, software-based or cloud-based Internet filters, cloud-based Internet filters are undoubtedly faster when it comes to the SSL inspection process. This is because any strain on CPU resources affects the cloud provider´s servers rather than those of the business. End users will notice no Internet speed reduction.

Cloud-based Internet filters are just as powerful as hardware-based and software-based filtering solutions, and can similarly be managed from a centralized web-based portal. They have the same malicious URL detection, phishing protection and antivirus software to maximize online security, just – like many functions that have been deployed in the cloud – everything is easier to manage and faster.

Cloud-Based Internet Filters from SpamTitan

SpamTitan offers businesses a choice of two cloud-based Internet filters – WebTitan Cloud to protect fixed networks, and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi to protect wireless networks and the users connected to them. Both are deployed via a redirection of the business´s DNS server settings, and both have auto-configuration features so that you can be enhancing your cloud web security within minutes.

Because of the way in which our cloud-based Internet filters are deployed, they are compatible with all networks and operating systems. They can support up to 60,000 users with no loss of Internet speed or bandwidth restrictions; and, being specifically designed for ease of use, both WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be integrated with Active Directory to set user policies immediately

Enhance Your Cloud Web Security Free for Fourteen Days

If you have not yet decided on the components of your multilayered cloud web security solution, are struggling to protect against online threats due to your current Internet filter lacking ease of use, flexibility or SSL inspection, or are finding your current filtering solution too slow, speak with us about a free, fourteen-day trial of WebTitan´s cloud-based Internet filters.

Our team of industry-leading Sales Technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have about cloud web security and how cloud-based Internet filters can protect your network easier and faster. We will explain the addition features of our cloud-based Internet filters – such as malicious URL detection and phishing protection – and discuss which of our cloud-based solutions would be most appropriate for your circumstances. You can also trial our anti-spam software to keep your inboxes free from spam and malicious emails.

Once all your questions are answered, our Sales Technicians will guide you through the registration process for your free trial and be on hand if you need help deploying our cloud-based Internet filters or experience any issues finding the optimum filter settings. For many businesses, WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi will ultimately become the integral part of a cloud web security solution. Find out today if WebTitan should be part of your cloud web security solution as well.