Content Filter for Managed Service Providers

Finding a content filter for managed service providers that has the flexibility to meet every client’s needs is a challenge. An Internet filtering solution needs to be easy to implement and manage, and must incorporate robust security controls. In order for a content filter for managed service providers to be viable to include as an add-on service, it must also be available with white labeling options and offer great margins.

There are many Internet content filtering solutions on the market that have the power and flexibility to suit a wide range of clients, but they can be a hard sell due to the cost of deployment. Many also lack the tools and support to make them a viable option for MSPs to add to their existing client packages.

At TitanHQ, we believe that a content filter for managed service providers should be effortless to install, easy to manage and maintain. Yet MSPs should also be able to benefit from great margins and exceptional customer and sales support.

This is why we developed WebTitan Cloud – a go-to-market content filter for managed service providers that can be rapidly rolled out to existing clients to improve client revenue and cash flow.

WebTitan Cloud does not require an MSP to become an ISP. Our product can be offered to any customer as a standalone Internet protection and content control service. WebTitan Cloud – and WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi – can be seamlessly integrated into existing client packages and can be deployed in minutes.

Our DNS-based web filter requires no additional hardware, no software downloads, and no site visits. Protecting clients from web-borne threats and controlling access to website content could not be any easier.

Implementing Our Internet Content Filter for Managed Service Providers

Installing our Internet content filter for managed service providers is a quick and easy process requiring only a simple change to DNS settings. New client accounts can be added in just 20 minutes, and configuring clients’ web filters is a quick and straightforward process.

A central administration panel allows all client accounts to be easily controlled from one location, and individual clients’ Internet usage policies can be quickly applied, updated, and tweaked as required. Management of our web filtering solution does not require a high degree of technical expertise and no specialist training is required. This process can therefore be completed by an MSP administrator, or management can be delegated to clients.

Our Internet content filter for managed service providers also includes a host of APIs to allow seamless integration with an MSPs back-office systems.

Main Features of WebTitan Cloud

  • Multi-tenanted platform featuring an intuitive web-based interface
  • Customer account configuration takes just 20 minutes
  • Offers real-time malware, spyware, and adware protection
  • WebTitan Cloud is very scalable, with no limits on the number of users, bandwidth, or locations
  • DNS-filtering ensures no latency effects
  • URL filtering uses pre-defined categories with scope for customization
  • Content blocking is possible by keyword or keyword score
  • Cloud keys can be issued to bypass content controls
  • Supports whitelists and blacklists
  • Supports time-based rules
  • Allows web-based application filtering
  • Support clients with static or changing IPs
  • All Internet-enabled devices are supported
  • Easy Integration with LDAP and Active Directory
  • Generates automatic usage and management reports
  • Includes a suite of APIs for easy back-end integration

Content Control Filtering for Managed Service Providers Made Easy

Content control filtering for managed service providers need not be difficult or time consuming to manage. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for MSPs to generate more sales and improve their revenue. In addition to offering powerful, content control filtering for managed service providers with generous margins, MSPs, ISPs, and resellers get the following benefits:

A Scalable Web Filtering Solution for Wired and Wireless Networks

WebTitan Cloud is a scalable web filtering solution without any limits placed on the number of users, locations, devices, or bandwidth. If more clients than expected wish to sign up for the service, they can be easily accommodated. In fact, our solution is scalable up to hundreds of thousands of users.

Full White Label Options

To assist MSPs with the seamless integration of WebTitan Cloud into existing client packages, MSPs are offered white label deployments that can be rebranded with corporate logos and color schemes.

Range of Hosting Options

We offer MSPs the option of hosting our solution within their own infrastructure, or alternatively we can privately deploy WebTitan Cloud on AWS, or host the solution within our own cloud infrastructure.

Industry Leading Customer Support

We developed WebTitan Cloud to be effortless to install and manage, but we appreciate that our clients need additional help from time to time. Whatever problem is experienced, we will provide technical assistance and will rapidly resolve your issues. We take great pride in offering exceptional customer service and post-sales support.

Become a Member of the TitanHQ MSP Program

If you are interested in finding out more about our content filter for Managed Service Providers, please do not hesitate to download our free brochure to learn how you can become a member of the TitanHQ MSP Program. This program has been developed from many years of working closely with resellers and MSPs and is designed to save you time and money.

In the brochure, we have listed the many features of our content filter for Managed Service Providers and illustrate how they can reduce the management overhead for MSPs – particularly when dealing with clients´ networks infected by malware and ransomware. We also provide a checklist of the service your customers can expect when subscribing to WebTitan through an MSP.

Download the brochure today and explore the options available to you. As with all our clients, you are invited to take advantage of a free trial of WebTitan in order to test its merits in your own environment. You can even filter the Internet feed your existing customers receive on a trial basis in order to get their feedback to our service and to help you determine whether WebTitan is as easy to manage as we claim. If you are also looking for the best spam filter for business use, be sure to ask about SpamTitan.

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WebTitan MSP Program

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