Web Filtering Case Studies

WebTitan’s simplicity distinguishes it from the Competitors!

By deploying WebTitan, the company is saving thousands of dollars and reclaiming all the IT time formerly spent managing their previous appliance.


With WebTitan GVS enjoys saving in both time and bandwidth

Since implementing WebTitan GVS have been able to increase productivity and are now able to make sure protections are in place so the company can benefit from the safe use of Web 2.0.


Rapid Recovery decided to take action and deployed WebTitan – saving time & money

“We tested many solutions and ultimately found that by far WebTitan was the easiest to set up and manage. WebTitan offered us a central point for maintenance, ultimately saving time, money and resources”

Websense replaced by WebTitan’s cost effective solution!

The company saved 50% in licencing cost and achieved greater flexibility than with Websense. They are also enjoying the same flexibility, scalability and stability that they experienced with SpamTitan.