DNS Content Filtering for MSPs

Managed service providers often struggle to find cybersecurity solutions to add to their service stacks that have all the features they need, and this is certainly the case with DNS filtering solutions. Many companies offer DNS content filtering for MSPs, yet their products have not been developed from the ground up with MSPs in mind.

While they can be used by MSPs to add this important cybersecurity layer to their service stacks, they can be cumbersome to use, difficult to integrate into auto-provisioning systems, and many vendors have restrictions on where the solutions can be hosted and inflexible payment terms. In this article, we present a solution that makes DNS content filtering for MSPs easy to implement and sell to their clients, even for MSPs that are only just venturing into providing managed security services for their clients.

Before introducing our MSP-friendly solution it is worthwhile explaining the benefits of DNS content filtering for MSPs, how DNS filtering can protect clients from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, and why DNS filtering is now an essential component of a defense-in-depth approach to security.

Benefits of DNS Content Filtering for Security and Compliance

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from content filtering, with DNS-based content filtering the best option for MSPs. DNS-based content filtering works at the DNS level, the main benefits of which are speed and security. With DNS filtering, there is no latency, so the Internet can be filtered and sanitized with no perceptible impact on page load speeds. One of the key advantages of DNS content filtering for MSPs is this is a 100% cloud-delivered service – no site visits are required, and the solution does not require software installations.

Content Control

Many organizations have a security gap when it comes to the Internet. Acceptable Internet usage policies can be communicated to employees, but there will be times when those policies are violated, either intentionally or unwittingly. Employees are told that the installation of unauthorized software – termed shadow IT – is prohibited, yet many employees still install their own software tools to improve productivity. Even IT professionals admit to doing this – 32% according to a recent Bitwarden survey.

DNS content filtering allows controls to be implemented to restrict these behaviors by preventing employees from visiting certain categories of websites through category-based filters and restricting the downloads of certain files from the Internet, such as executable files, including software installers. These attempts are also logged, and alerts can be sent to the administrator when prohibited actions are attempted. DNS content filtering for MSPs also allows control of bandwidth, by restricting access to bandwidth drains at squeeze points.

Phishing Prevention

Content control is also important for blocking access to malicious websites and will improve defenses against phishing attempts. Malicious emails will often be delivered to inboxes, and while spam filters and secure email gateways are effective at blocking malicious files attached to emails, they are much less effective at detecting malicious links embedded in emails. A DNS filter provides time-of-click protection against malicious links, blocking access to known malicious websites and analyzing content in real time. Any attempt to visit a known malicious website will be blocked.

Block Malware Downloads

DNS content filters will prevent connections to websites known to be used for malware distribution through constantly updated blocklists of known malicious sites. As is the case with controls for blocking shadow IT, executable files can be blocked, including files that are difficult for end users to identify as malicious, such as files with double file extensions. Malware often uses the DNS for communication with a command-and-control server, and these communications can be difficult to identify and block. A DNS-based web filter can detect and block communications over the DNS and will raise the alarm about potential malware infections that have bypassed antivirus defenses.

Introducing WebTitan Cloud – DNS Content Filtering for MSPs Made Simple

At TitanHQ we understand MSPs and their needs and regularly consult with our userbase and MSP advisory counsel on how better to meet the changing needs of MSPs. All TitanHQ solutions have been developed from the ground up with MSPs in mind as MSPs are the core part of our business. WebTitan Cloud for MSPs is no exception. The solution makes it as easy as possible for MSPs to add DNS content filtering to their service stacks (and replace existing solutions that are time-consuming and a source of stress!).

WebTitan Cloud typically takes around 20 minutes per client to set up and configure, and no advanced skills are required, which makes it easy for MSPs lacking staff experienced in providing managed security services. All of the above benefits can be delivered to clients with ease, and TitanHQ will also supply a range of sales and marketing materials to use to help you sell this important cybersecurity service.

As mentioned at the start of this article, cybersecurity vendors offer DNS content filtering for MSPs but often fail to deliver important features and benefits. MSPs have a heavy workload as it is, so having to invest a lot of time and effort into the setup and management of a cybersecurity solution or service is far from ideal. While DNS content filtering for MSPs is better than appliances or software solutions in terms of ease of setup, use, and maintenance, solutions often lack MSP-friendly features. WebTitan Cloud offers all of these important features and more.

  • Multiple hosting options, including within an MSPs own environment
  • White label ready to take an MSP’s or client’s branding
  • Easy integration into MSPs’ backend systems through APIs
  • Easy installation, with simple integration with directory services
  • One control panel for managing all clients
  • Low management overhead
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Large selection of schedulable reports
  • Real-time views of Internet activity down to the individual user level
  • Delegation of controls to clients
  • Usage-based pricing with monthly billing
  • Generous margins for MSPs
  • Excellent customer service with rapid resolution to problems

DNS content filtering for MSPs does not need to be complicated or costly. If you have yet to start offering DNS filtering to clients as part of your managed security services or if you are unhappy with your current vendor, give the TitanHQ channel team a call. Full information will be provided on the product, demonstrations can be arranged on request, and you will be assisted in getting set up for a free trial.