DNS Filtering for MSPs

DNS filtering for MSPs is the easiest way for MSPs to protect against the web-based component of phishing attacks and to prevent the downloading of malware and ransomware from malicious websites.

DNS filtering is a form of web filtering that allows businesses to carefully control the online content that can be accessed by their end users. Certain types of online content or services can be blocked, such as pornography or peer-to-peer file sharing, to reduce legal risk and controls can be applied to restrict access to websites known to be a drain on productivity, such as social media networks, dating, and gambling websites. DNS filtering can also be used to control bandwidth and ensure all users can enjoy good internet speeds. These are all important benefits for businesses, but the biggest benefit of DNS filtering is improved threat protection.

DNS filtering allows MSPs and their clients to prevent end users from visiting phishing websites and other malicious webpages, such as those containing exploit kits. Drive-by malware downloads can be blocked, and DNS filtering can be used to control shadow IT by blocking downloads of software and executable files. By blocking malware, ransomware and phishing, data breaches and reputational damage can both be avoided.

DNS Filtering for MSPs Made Simple and Profitable

MSPs do not need to become an ISP in order to provide DNS filtering to their clients. In fact, DNS for MSPs is actually quick and easy with WebTitan. Clients can be protected in a few minutes. This form of web filtering also has a low management overhead and the low cost of web filtering with TitanHQ and the generous margins makes DNS filtering for MSPs highly profitable.

Many web filtering solutions have been developed for use by SMBs and have had a few features added to make them more attractive for MSPs. When creating WebTitan we ensured that channel-friendly features were baked into the design. These features, along with the generous margins and highly competitive price have made TitanHQ the leading provider of cloud-based web-security for MSPs serving the SMB market.

Choose TitanHQ as your DNS filtering provider and you will get:

  • A highly scalable, multi-tenant, re-brandable web filtering solution
  • Quick and easy deployments, with new clients provisioned in minutes
  • Easy integration into your own systems through APIs
  • Full AD and LDAP integration
  • No hidden extras – Everything is included in the price
  • No punitive measures when reducing seats
  • The option of hosting WebTitan within your own environment
  • Ability to assign clients as administrators to allow them to manage their own content control settings
  • Extensive reporting suite, including pre-defined and customizable on-demand and automated reports
  • Support for all internet-enabled devices
  • Web filtering for wired and wireless networks
  • Real time malware, ransomware, and phishing protection
  • Ability to block web-based applications
  • Time-based filtering controls
  • Industry-leading customer support