Email Protection Service

In order to achieve spam detection rates of up to 99.9% you need to invest in an email protection service that provides email filtering and virus scanning service for your company network. This will help put a halt to unwanted cybersecurity threats internal and external from your network.

This type of solution is able to discover any attack that tries to take over corporate mail accounts in order to share spam email – a course of events that would likely see your company IP address being blacklisted. If this were to happen it would majorly impact the ability of your group to conduct business over email.

An email protection service is also a valuable tool for identifying viruses that may have been inadvertently introduced into a network by an employee. This can happen if, for example, the employee uploads a file from a USB flash drive that has been copied from their malware-infected home computer, or if they connect their malware-infected mobile device to the business´s wireless network. In this respect, outbound email scanning can add an extra layer to a business´s online security strategy.

Email Protection Service Tackling Account Infiltration Attempts

If you introduce an email protection service that has a proven high spam detection rate then you are stopping phishing email from bypassing your cybersecurity measures. This is important so as to stop hackers from taking control of staff email accounts from where they could initiate Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks or even try to hack your trusted business partners by sending them malware-laden spam email from one of your company servers.

There is another reason to prevent this type of infiltration at all cost – your business email server could be placed on a global blacklist if it is found that spam email has been seen outgoing from your company. Once this happens you will encounter many issues in trying to do business with a partner via email. Your email will land directly in spam folders and may never be noticed, costing you lots in potential earned revenue. However, if you configure an outbound scanning tool you can stop this from happening.

High Spam Detection Rate & Email Protection Service

One of the best security features that you can obtain with an email protection service is greylisting. This is a solution that can help you identify spam email coming from unrecognized sources of spam email. It always leads to a high spam detection rate.

Greylisting sends all received emails back to the originating mail server, asking for it to be sent again. Trusted senders that are sharing business critical mails almost always reply to this instantly whereas spam email servers do not notice the request as their servers are overloaded sharing millions of spam emails.

Following the successful return of an email it can be run through checks against Real Time Blacklists and SURBL databases to see if there are any close matches with IP addresses from recognized hackers, recipient verification checks to ensure each email is addressed to an existent account, and HELO tests to stop prevent spoofed emails avoiding cybersecurity measures.

In taking this step to first send back received emails and then further testing those that are then sent back, an email protection service stops spam emails that are sent from both recognized and new sources of spam attacks.