Email Protection Software

There are many different types of email protection software, and organizations are advised to consider all possible threats to email data before adopting any particular solutions.

One of the issues with implementing email protection software is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for preventing unauthorized access to data, data theft, and data loss. For this reason, it is advisable to adopt a multi-layered approach to email security that not only mitigates the risk of email-borne threats, but that also protects data in transit and guards against accidental data losses.

When adopting a multi-layered approach, it is still beneficial to implement best-in-class email protection software – for example, email filters with the highest spam detection rates, encryption solutions with automation capabilities, and software for archiving emails that deduplicates content to save storage space, accelerate searches, and produce fewer results per search.

Why Spam Detection is Important

It is estimated that 94% of malware is delivered by spam emails – this figure including threats such as spyware, phishing, and ransomware. Although around 99% of spam is detected by standard spam filters, spam detection rates are dependent on how each email filter is configured and what policies are applied to quarantine emails containing certain keywords or with certain types of attachment.

Other email filters achieve higher spam detection rates due to a process known as “greylisting”. This process can increase spam detection from 99% to 99.9% – thus reducing the number of malicious emails evading detection by 90%. Among all the options available to mitigate the risk of email-borne threats, an email filter with greylisting capabilities in the most effective email protection software.

Isn´t Data in Transit Already Protected?

When you send an email, the connection between you and the recipient is most often an encrypted connection known as Transport Layer Security (TLS). However, although the connection is encrypted, data traveling within the connection remains in plain text – making it vulnerable to anybody able to acquire the shared session key and break into the encrypted connection.

Several types of email protection software can encrypt email data so it is indecipherable in the event of a man-in-the-middle attack, but the best-in-class software in this category has automation capabilities so the content of emails is encrypted according to keywords in the content or title of the email – thus avoiding confidential emails being sent without being encrypted due to forgetfulness.

Guarding Against Accidental Data Loss

Accidental data losses can occur due to events such as a user deleting or misfiling an email by mistake, or to much larger-scale events such as power and server outages. Attempting to recover emails in these circumstances can be time-consuming – especially when searching for and restoring an email from a back-up copy – and attempts to recover emails are not guaranteed to be successful.

Real-time archiving eliminates the risk of accidental data loss by copying emails as they pass through the mail server and archiving the copy immediately. The best email protection software for archiving automatically indexes each copy so emails can be searched for and restored easily, or so that emails can be deleted automatically when they are no longer required for compliance purposes.

Best-in-Class Email Protection Software from TitanHQ

TitanHQ offers a range of email protection software to prevent unauthorized access to data, data theft, and data loss, and to help organizations adopt a multi-layered approach to email security. In the context of what has been discussed above, we invite security leaders to get in touch and request a demo of the following solutions:


An industry leading email filter with optional greylisting capabilities and a verifiable spam detection rate of 99.9%. SpamTitan supports comprehensive content filtering rules and granular policies – making it ideal for organizations of all sizes and Managed Service Providers.

SpamTitan Plus

SpamTitan Plus is an AI-driven anti-phishing solution that protects organizations against Zero Day attacks. One of the software´s most effective features is time-of-click analyses to alert users to links that appear safe on delivery, but that are later weaponized with malware.


EncryptTitan is an environment agnostic encryption solution that not only automatically encrypts email data by keyword, but that also support Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to prevent employees sharing unsecured data or misusing email services.

ArcTitan Cloud

Possibly the most user-friendly email archiving solution on the market, ArcTitan Cloud enables your organization to comfortably meet the compliance requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, eDiscovery, Sarbanes-Oxley, and much more. Contact us today to book your demo.