Email Security for MSPs

With cyberattacks on the increase and phishing the most common cause of data breaches, email security for MSPs has never been so important, not only for protecting clients but also to protect against targeted attacks on MSPs’ email systems. MSPs are an attractive target for cybercriminals. Gain access to MSP systems and cybercriminals have access to the networks of all their clients.

83% of MSPs said their customers had experienced a cyberattack and 74% of MSPs had experienced a cyberattack themselves, according to a 2019 study by Continuum. Research from Cofense suggests 91% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email. These studies clearly show why advanced email security email security for MSPs and their clients is so important.

There is certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to email security for MSPs, but not all email security solutions for MSPs have been developed with the MSP firmly in mind and many lack the features MSPs need.


At TitanHQ, we understand how MSPs conduct business, how they want to deploy security solutions, and the management headaches they often experience with solutions that have not been specifically developed for service providers. That is why our cybersecurity solutions have been created with MSP-friendly features hard baked into the core of the solutions and why they are so easy for MSPs to implement, use, and manage.

SpamTitan Email Security for MSPs

MSPs can use SpamTitan to block spam emails and prevent phishing, malware, and ransomware threats from reaching end users’ inboxes. SpamTitan performs a multi-layered analysis of all incoming and outgoing emails and incorporates Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC), SURBLs, RBLs, Bayesian analysis and more to identify and block spam and email impersonation attacks.

Malware and ransomware protection come from dual antivirus engines (Bitdefender and ClamAV), which identify and block known malware variants. A Bitdefender-powered sandbox is used for deep analysis of suspicious file attachments to combat zero-day threats. SpamTitan email security for MSPs can be seamlessly integrated into Office 365 environments and compliments Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to improve spam detection rates and block more phishing threats and zero-day attacks.

Why SpamTitan is the Perfect Choice for MSPs

  • SpamTitan blocks 99.9% of spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, and viruses
  • Strengthens Office 365 security through a defense in depth approach
  • Zero-day attack prevention using predictive technology
  • Rapid deployment – Get up and running quickly
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Easy migration from your existing email security system, with domains moved as a single file without interruption
  • Administrators to be created for each domain to allow each to manage certain elements of their email to reduce MSPs workload
  • Integrate SpamTitan into your own infrastructure and third-party management solutions via TitanHQ APIs
  • Multi-tenant dashboard – MSP-client hierarchy enables you to keep clients separated and choose whether to manage client settings in bulk or on an individual basis
  • White label solution available ready for MSP branding
  • Low management overhead
  • LDAP, dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
  • No hardware or software required and no operating system requirements
  • Extensive reporting suite, including per domain reporting
  • No updates required. TitanHQ automatically updates SpamTitan.
  • Flexible and transparent pricing policy to help MSPs deal with changing numbers of seats
  • World class customer support
  • Short sales cycle – Only a 14 day free trial required to test the solution
  • Competitive pricing with generous margins for MSPs

Join the TitanSHIELD MSP Program

TitanHQ is committed to delivering world class network security solutions to our MSP partners. Through the TitanShield MSP Program, MSPs can take full advantage of TitanHQ’s proven technology so that they can sell, implement and deliver our advanced network security solutions directly to their client base.

The TitanSHIELD Program will provide you with the following:

TitanSHIELD Benefits

Sales Enablement


Partner Support Private or Public Cloud deployment Access to the Partner Portal
Dedicated Account Manager White Label or Co-branding Co-Branded Evaluation Site
Assigned Sales Engineer Support API integration Social Network participation
Access to Global Partner Program Hotline Free 30-day evaluations Joint PR
Access to Partner Knowledge Base Product Discounts Joint White Papers
Technical Support Competitive upgrades Partner Events and Conferences
24/7 Priority Technical Support Tiered Deal Registration TitanHQ Newsletter
5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST) Technical Support Renewal Protection Better Together Webinars
Online Technical Training and FAQs Advanced Product Information Partner Certificate – Sales and technical
Access to Partner Technical Knowledge Base Competitive Information and Research Sales Campaigns in a box
  Not-for-Resale (NFR) Key Public Relations Program and Customer Testimonials
  Product Brochures and Sales Tools TitanHQ Corporate Style Guide and Logo Usage
  Partner Advisory Council Eligibility TitanHQ Partner Welcome Kit
  QTRLY Business Planning and Review Access to TitanHQ’s MVP Rewards Program
  Access to Partner Support  

For further information on SpamTitan, call the TitanHQ channel team today to discuss your requirements, to arrange a product demonstration, and to register for a free trial.