Email Spam Filter

Nearly every email solution comes with a built-in spam email filter which results in a lot of people and organizations thinking that they do not need to implement an additional level of security.

This is not the case as the massive amounts of spam that continue to avoid basic cybersecurity measures will infiltrate unproetected databases. Even dealing with the lower levels of spams that staff can see in their inbox cost a company in terms of time that could be spent on other duties.

In addition to this any email that gets past your cybersecurity could be loaded with malware or phishing lures could be designed to damage your organization. While 99% of your staff may be able to spot a single spam email but if just one is missed it could result in massive losses for your company. Due to this is it important for you, as a group, to do everything within your power to minimize the amount of spam that lands in employee inboxes.

By implementing a strong spam filtering solution that has features including Real Time Blacklists and SURBL filters to search for possible spam emails from recognized sources of spam you will be setting out in the right direction. It should also feature recipient verification to block inbound emails sent to inactive email inboxes, and empowers system managers to enforce Sender Policy Frameworks in order to identify spoofed email messages.

Finally greylisting is crucial. This is where all inbound emails are returned to the originating email servers. It is requested that they be sent once more. This is done as hackers email servers are normally too overloaded in launching campaigns to notice this request.Conversely, Authentic users normally answer the request in a very short period of time.

An excellent spam and phishing email detection rate can be successfully achieved with the configuration of a simple to use solution that can be controlled by network managers and technology support staff. User policies and acceptable spam levels can be applied and changed as required using an email spam filter portal´s intuitive dashboard where white- or blacklisting can also be completed. On some networks management control can be configured at tiers including user, domain or group levels.

There should also be scanning of outbound emails configured with the solution. Having this means that, if a virus has been mistakenly loaded to the network, or if a hacker/phisher infiltrates a corporate email inbox to use for sharing spam and phishing emails. Early discovery of a virus or impacted email inbox can stop the business’s IP address and domain from being added to global spam blacklists.