Enterprise Email Archiving Software

Enterprise email archiving software should meet the objectives of any organization that receives or sends a large volume of email, or that stores enterprise-critical data on its mail server – these objectives being to migrate correspondence away from the mail server to a location in which data can be stored securely and accessed easily.

Software for archiving emails securely in the cloud meets these objectives by exporting existing email archive data to a secure data center. Duplication takes place to remove duplicate emails to reduce storage space, and the remaining data are indexed and integrated into a single, searchable folder. If emails are accidentally deleted from a mailbox or need to be accessed for any reason, a search can be performed and emails can be quickly found and restored to the mailbox or exported in a variety of common data formats.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Enterprise Email Archiving Software

The primary benefit of exporting emails to cloud-based enterprise email archiving software is compliance. Whereas archiving emails to physical media such as magnetic tapes and disks fulfills compliance requirements for data retention, it does not necessarily comply with requirements for disaster recovery. Tapes and disks can be damaged, lost or stolen, and hardware could similarly be damaged, resulting in data loss.

Being archived in the cloud also means that email data are more secure. Retention policies can be defined to prevent the deletion or alteration of emails, and the risk of unauthorized access to confidential data is mitigated by role-based permission tiers that only allow administrators access to enterprise-critical data.

Due to email data, meta-data and attachments being indexed, a third benefit of cloud-based enterprise email archiving software is emails can be retrieved within seconds. Authorized users can instigate a search from any Internet-enabled device and have the results printed, e-mailed or exported to the mail server almost instantly.

Software for Archiving Emails Securely with Encryption

The encryption of email data should ensure it is “unusable, indecipherable or unreadable” in the event of a cyberattack. This not only applies when email data is “at rest” on an organization´s mail server or in a data center, but also when it is “in transit” between the mail server and the data center.

Consequently, cloud-based enterprise email archiving software uses two-way mandatory TLS protocols when data is being transferred to the data center or being retrieved by an organization. This security measure prevents “Man-in-the-Middle” interceptions and hacks of ISPs´ servers from being effective, as copies of emails remain on ISPs´ server indefinitely.

The use of encryption for email data at rest and in transit complies with all major international regulatory requirements and industry standards – including Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. The use of an email archive reduces the email server workload which results in improved performance, and routine maintenance can be completed up to 50% faster.

Enterprise Compliance with GDPR

From May 2018, it has been necessary for enterprises that obtain, process, share or retain EU citizens´ personal data to comply with the EU´s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation applies worldwide to any business or organization maintaining a database that includes any personal identifying information about EU residents.

With regard to personal data received by email, the archiving process should start as soon as emails pass through the mail server. Exact copies should be taken and securely stored in order to eliminate the risk of loss, theft or unauthorized exposure, and the original email should be deleted once it has fulfilled its “lawful purpose”.

Furthermore, as EU citizens now have rights concerning how their personal data is obtained, processed, shared or retained, they now have the right to make data access requests to which enterprises have to respond within thirty days.  If a request to be forgotten is received, all email data relating to that individual must also be deleted. Without enterprise email archiving software, responding to the requests within the allowed time may become a logistical nightmare.

Further Benefits of Enterprise Email Archiving Software

The implementation of enterprise email archiving software can be of great benefit to any organization that receives or sends a large volume of email, or that stores enterprise-critical data on its mail server, as the secure archiving of email data not only decreases the demands placed on the organization´s mail server, but also on the organization´s IT support.

Email is managed more efficiently with software for archiving emails securely, while there is no need for email inbox quotas – users effectively having a bottomless mailbox. Users can retrieve a lost or deleted email at the click of a button, without having to involve the IT department while data needed to resolve a client dispute or employee issue can be accessed within minutes – potentially saving an organization a considerable amount of time and money.

Potentially one of the most significant benefits of software for archiving emails securely is the prevention of “insider theft”. According to research conducted by the Ponemon Institute, nearly 60% of employees who quit their job steal data before they leave. With software for archiving emails securely, administrators can block access to email accounts quickly and easily to prevent data being stolen, compromised or deleted. Policy-based access rights and role-based access can also be configured to prevent users from accessing the archive and exporting data.

WebTitan’s Software for Archiving Emails Securely

WebTitan´s software for archiving emails securely is ArcTitan – an effective solution for organizations of all sizes that offers flexibility, compatibility and scalability in email archiving. ArcTitan is a versatile archiving solution for enterprise, that integrates with backend management tools to allow searches by individual user, user-group or universally.

Searches can be conducted by name, by subject or by attachment type – and saved or automated – and the results of the searches can be viewed or the data can be exported in a variety of formats. Administrators can set retention policies by individual compliance requirements, and extensive journal reporting can be exported in PDF or TIFF format. In terms of audit requirements, all archives are digitally signed and verified.

ArcTitan is the perfect partner for Office 365, and compatible with every other major email service provider. Our enterprise email archiving software is scalable up to 60,000 users without the need to add storage, manage servers or migrate data, and ArcTitan expands dynamically in storage capacity without affecting performance, no matter how large your email database grows.

Multiple searches can be performed simultaneously, the message body and attachments can be searched at the same time, and the searches are lightning fast, with a search of 30 million email messages taking less than a second. If you perform the same searches regularly, they can be saved to save you time.

All data is stored securely on Replicated Persistent Storage on AWS S3, the email archive can be accessed even during server outages, the solution is automatically updated so there is no need to apply patches, and your email archive will be automatically backed up.

To find out more about ArcTitan software for archiving emails securely, contact us today. Our team of Sales Technicians will be happy to answer any questions about enterprise email archiving software and will invite you to take advantage of our fourteen day free offer, so that your organization can evaluate the benefits of ArcTitan in your own environment.  In addition to email archiving, if you want to keep your inboxes free from spam and malware, be sure to ask about SpamTitan - the best spam filter for business use.

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