Enterprise Web Filtering Service

An enterprise web filtering service helps to protect network systems from web-borne threats by blocking access to websites and file types with a high likelihood of being infected with malicious software or “malware”.

The mechanisms used to protect network systems from web-borne threats can also enhance workplace productivity, prevent potential HR concerns, resolve bandwidth issues and improve the service an organization delivers to its customers.

How an Enterprise Web Filtering Service Protects Network Systems

An enterprise web filtering service protects network systems by analyzing every request to visit a website whenever an online user clicks on a link or types in a URL. The service compares the request against blacklists and category/keyword filter settings, and denies access to the website if the content of the website is considered to be unsafe or undesirable.

In order to provide the maximum level of protection for network systems, the best enterprise Internet filter services are also capable of SSL inspection – a feature in which the content of an encrypted https:// website is decrypted and compared against an organization´s filter settings, before being re-encrypted for secure transmission.

Enterprise Internet filter services are quickly becoming essential elements of cybersecurity defenses. An enterprise grade Internet content filter can prevent online users from visiting websites likely to harbor web-borne threats and from downloading files that typically contain malware – thus mitigating the risk from phishing attacks and drive-by downloads.

Enhance Productivity with an Enterprise Grade Internet Content Filter

Although some personal use of the Internet at work is considered to have a positive impact on workplace productivity, excessive “cyberslacking” has been calculated to cost industry billions of dollars each year. Surveys have shown that some employee uses the Internet for non-work related activities for up to two hours a day – often causing resentment among colleagues and potential HR concerns depending on the nature of the content being viewed.

The mechanisms that protect network systems within an enterprise grade Internet content filter can also be configured to limit access to social media accounts, online shopping portals, and other cyberslacking activities. By blocking access to objectionable material such as pornography, organizations can also prevent potential HR concerns and allegations that an employer is complicit in creating a hostile working environment.

Enterprise Internet filter services automatically generate reports that administrators can use to monitor compliance with acceptable use policies and ensure that employees are not attempting to circumnavigate filter settings. In order to prevent employees bypassing the settings on an enterprise web filtering service, it is recommended to implement an enterprise grade Internet content filter that can block anonymizer services and is capable of multi-lingual filtering.

How Enterprise Internet Filter Services Eliminate Bandwidth Issues

A further benefit of enterprise Internet filter services is that they can be used to eliminate bandwidth issues. Few organizations have unlimited bandwidth and, during periods of high Internet traffic, organizations can experience slow Internet speeds or a limited service that prevents employees accessing and replying to their emails.

Organizations experiencing bandwidth issues have the choice of paying for more bandwidth or reducing their bandwidth use. A simple way of reducing bandwidth use is to restrict access to websites such as Netflix and YouTube with an enterprise web filtering service. By restricting access to video streaming websites – and other bandwidth-heavy applications – organizations can ensure that adequate bandwidth is available to all employees at all times.

Enterprise Internet filter services can be configured by user, user-group or by time. Consequently, departments that need access to video streaming sites and/or bandwidth-heavy applications can be excluded from the general access restrictions, or have access granted during specific times of the day when the level of Internet traffic is lower.

Improving the Service an Organization Delivers to its Customers

If your organization is positioned in the retail industry, you will acknowledge that customers often make decisions on where to shop, eat or congregate based on the availability of a free WiFi Internet service. A free WiFi Internet service enables your customers to stay connected; however the provision of an unprotected service can actually cause more harm than good.

Providing a free WiFi Internet service will attract customers to your business, but they may not stay customers for very long if their devices are infected with malware while using your unprotected service. Furthermore, if some of your customers use your service to publicly view objectionable material, other customers – whether visiting your business for the Internet service or not – may be inclined not to visit again. An enterprise web filtering service can prevent both of these scenarios.

A further advantage of implementing an enterprise grade Internet content filter to improve the service your organization delivers to its customers is that the reports generated by the service can give your organization an insight into your customers´ browsing habits. With this insight, your business can increase sales by targeting relevant marketing campaigns at your existing customers, and potentially attract new business via positive word of mouth.

Evaluating Enterprise Internet Filter Services

Enterprise Internet filter services can vary considerably in the level of protection they provide, the financial costs of implementing them and the resources required to maintain them. Typically, a hardware-based enterprise web filtering service involves a large capital outlay and – depending on the type of hardware-based service you implement – could have a high management overhead.

Conversely, a software-based enterprise grade Internet content filter will likely have minimal initial outlay and then ongoing subscription costs for the service. Irrespective of the type of service you select, the best enterprise Internet filter services should be compatible with your existing systems, scalable in the event that your organization expands, and flexible to deliver maximum protection, enhanced productivity and an improved service to your customers.

Speak with WebTitan about our Enterprise Grade Internet Content Filter

WebTitan Cloud is a DNS-based enterprise grade Internet content filter that is easy to implement, quick to configure and simple to manage. Implementation of our enterprise web filtering service only requires the redirection of your organization´s DNS - a process than can be completed within minutes on any organization´s network - and thereafter no special technical skills are required to set your filter parameters via an intuitive web portal.

Our enterprise grade Internet content filter has no limit on the number of users and devices it can protect - so there are no issues with regard to scalability - and includes the option to customize your own category filters in order to maximize the service´s flexibility. Naturally, our enterprise web filtering service has SSL inspection, multi-lingual filtering and prevents users from circumnavigating the filter parameters by blocking access to anonymizer websites.

WebTitan Cloud Features

  • Compatible, scalable and flexible - irrespective of existing hardware and software.
  • No hardware to purchase or software to download, and a low maintenance overhead.
  • Protects wired and wireless networks from online infections with imperceptible latency.
  • No bandwidth restrictions or limit on the number of users/devices that can be protected.
  • User and time-based filtering options, with access keys available for sanctioned overrides.
  • Automated reporting provide an oversight of employee´s/customer´s online activities.
  • Our enterprise web filtering service is also available in white-label format for MSPs.

Speak with WebTitan today about our enterprise grade Internet content filter and you will be invited to try our enterprise Internet filter services free for fourteen days. There is no obligation on your organization to commit to our enterprise Internet filter services once your trial period has expired, and all we need to start the free trial is your email address.

Speak with us today and your organization could be protecting its networks systems, its employees and its customers in less than the time it takes to read this article.

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