How to Resolve Issues with the Exchange 2016 Spam Filter

The default Exchange 2016 spam filter has undoubtedly been developed with the intention of blocking as many spam emails as possible; but, as a consequence, its configuration is complicated. System administrators need to be on top of front-line tests such as connection filtering agents, recipient filtering agents, and sender filtering agents in order to ensure the filter is effective at detecting spam.

However, even when the supposedly optimum settings are applied, spam emails can still avoid detection. This is due to the filter´s detection mechanisms only being retrospectively updated with recently identified sources of spam. All the time spammers and cybercriminals change IP addresses, spam emails will evade detection by the front-line tests unless they violate one of the filter´s other rules.

Increasing Spam Detection Rates for the Exchange 2016 Spam Filter

The most common way to increase spam detection rates for the Exchange 2016 spam filter – increasing the threshold for Spam Confidence scores – is not the best option. This can result in false positives being quarantined by the spam filter; which – in the case of sales leads – can cost businesses money. A better option is to implement a third-party solution that includes Greylisting in the filtering process.

Greylisting is a front-end test that returns all inbound emails to their originating server with the exception of servers that have been whitelisted. Each returned email has a tag attached to it asking for the email to be resent. Typically, spammers´ mail servers are fully occupied and fail to comply with the request. Consequently, spam emails from previously unknown sources rarely get delivered.

The consequence of the Greylisting test is that fewer spam emails enter the system. The third-party solution processes the remaining (returned) emails faster, avoiding bottlenecks in mail delivery. The threat from email-borne threats such as malware and ransomware is reduced, and – because Spam Confidence scores can be optimized by department – the Sales team never misses a lead.

Anti-Spam Email Filters with Greylisting from SpamTitan

SpamTitan´s anti-spam email filters are the ideal complement to the Exchange 2016 spam filter. Not only do they include front-end Greylisting tests to increase spam detection rates, SpamTitan email filter´s compare each returned email with a database of IP addresses from which phishing emails have originated to reduce the threat from phishing as well as malware and ransomware.

A further advantage of using a SpamTitan email filter is that it is easy to administer. Due to the Greylisting process, administrators do not have to worry about the Exchange 2016 mail filter front end tests, and can focus on finding the optimum configuration faster and easier – a process helped by SpamTitan´s straightforward (and free) synchronization with Active Directory.

Other features of SpamTitan´s email filters include:

  • A choice of deployment options – cloud-based on on-premises.
  • Outbound scanning as standard, rather than at a premium.
  • Simple whitelisting process to avoid business-critical emails being delayed.
  • Flexible user policies can be applied by individual, group, or universally.
  • Multiple web authentication settings to fine-tune settings.
  • Unlimited scalability and universal compatibility.

Try the SpamTitan Email Filter for Free

If your business is currently using the Exchange 2016 mail filter, and you are experiencing issues with complicated configurations, continuing spam, or false positives, do not hesitate to get in touch and speak with one of our Sales Technicians. Our Technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have and will invite you take advantage of a free trial of a SpamTitan email filter.

The free trial offer gives you the opportunity to evaluate SpamTitan in your own environment, experience its ease of use, and determine how much time and money your business could save by implementing our solution. Should you choose to continue protecting your business, your network, and your users with SpamTitan at the end of the trial, we offer a competitive range of subscription options based on your preferred deployment option, the number of users and payment cycle.