How to Filter Web Access Effectively

Most Internet filtering solutions filter web access the same way, using a combination of blacklists, category filters and keyword filters to prevent network users visiting websites that harbor malware or that contravene acceptable use policies. However, not all Internet filtering solutions are equally effective at preventing malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.

This is due to some Internet filtering solutions having more flexible filtering controls – often referred to as “granularity”. Without a high degree of granularity it is difficult for network administrators to determine the optimum settings for their specific requirements – potentially blocking access to important websites or leaving gateways open for cybercriminals.

In addition to a high degree of granularity, Internet filtering solutions must be easy to use in order to filter web access effectively. If a mechanism is too complicated to configure accurately, it will again be difficult for network administrators to determine the optimum settings for their specific needs, with the same potential outcomes.

How WebTitan Internet Filtering Solutions Filter Web Access Effectively

WebTitan Internet filtering solutions use multiple mechanisms to help network administrators filter web access effectively. The threats from malware, ransomware and phishing are taken care of by pre-installed and automatically updated blacklists, SURBL filters and URIBL filters. SSL inspection checks for the presence of malware in encrypted websites, and each web page is virus scanned.

The number of category filters in WebTitan Internet filtering solutions is more comprehensive than most. More than six billion of the world´s most visited web pages are sorted into fifty-three categories such as adult entertainment, drugs, gambling, etc. that network administrators can block access to with the click of a mouse. There are also eight customizable categories if required.

Further flexible controls to filter web access effectively include keyword filters and whitelists that allow trusted websites to bypass the filtering solution. The controls can be applied to individual users, user groups or network-wide, and applied by time, bandwidth or IP address. Access to specific files types and applications, and the use of anonymizer, services can also be controlled effectively.

Ease of Use is Key to Effective Internet Filtering

The multiple mechanisms used to filter web access effectively may seem a little daunting to some, but they are easy to apply and adjust as necessary via a web-based management portal. As mentioned above, network administrators can block access to a category of website with the click of a mouse and the other settings can be applied and adjusted just as easily.

WebTitan integrates seamlessly with management tools such as Active Directory and LDAP, so setting multiple user policies is simply a question of importing existing policies. Automated notifications can be set up so network administrators know immediately if users are not adhering to acceptable use policies or trying to circumnavigate the mechanisms to filter web access in some other way.

The web-based management portal enables administrators to monitor network web activity in real time, and WebTitan´s Internet filtering solutions contain a comprehensive reporting suite providing on-demand and scheduled reports on historical network web activity – a bonus for network administrators in regulated industries with the responsibility for conducting risk assessments.

The WebTitan Range of Internet Filtering Solutions

The WebTitan range of Internet filtering solutions has been specifically developed with protection against malware, ransomware and phishing as a priority, and flexibility and ease of use in mind not far behind. Each WebTitan solution is supported by industry-leading customer and technical service to help network administrators apply the optimum settings to filter web access effectively in every case.

WebTitan Gateway

WebTitan Gateway is a powerful Internet filtering solution. Offering maximum flexibility and protection against web-borne threats, WebTitan Gateway can be installed on an existing network or hosted in a choice of virtual environments.

WebTitan Cloud

WebTitan Cloud is a cloud-based solution that can be quickly implemented with a change to the DNS server settings. WebTitan Cloud is most cost-effective solution for many network administrators looking to filter web access.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is suitable for networks with single WiFi access points or for those with a nationwide network of WiFi hotspots. Our WiFi Internet filtering solution delivers fast, filtered Internet access with imperceptible latency.

Our Invitation to Filter Web Access Effectively for Free

If you are looking for an effective Internet filtering solution, or you have tried other solutions to filter web access and found them not to be effective, please do not hesitate to contact us and request a free trial of a WebTitan Internet filtering solution. Our team of Sales Technicians will help determine which solution is the most appropriate for your specific requirements and explain our free trial to you.

We would be equally delighted to hear from any Managed Service Provider looking for a multi-tenanted solution to filter web access on behalf of SMBs. Our free trial gives you the opportunity to evaluate our industry-leading Internet filtering solution in your own environment, and your clients the opportunity to provide feedback on how effective WebTitan is at preventing all types of malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.