Internet Access Control for Managed Service Providers

TitanHQ has developed a convenient, easy-to-implement Internet access control for managed service providers. There is high demand for a filtered Internet service, and MSPs are in an ideal position to take advantage. Our web filtering products – WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi – are go-to-market solutions that can be easily pushed out to existing clients in order to increase client revenue. Our products can also help MSPs to broaden the appeal of their current service packages.

Internet Content Filtering is Now A Necessity for Many SMBs

The public now expects Wi-Fi services in a range of locations. Consumers are choosing retailers, hotels, restaurants, and even public transport based on whether free Internet access is provided. Companies that provide Wi-Fi hotspots for customers can gain a serious competitive advantage; however, the provision of free Internet access is not without its risks. Malware, ransomware, and adware are becoming increasingly problematic for businesses, while unrestricted Internet access is often abused.

A web filtering solution is the answer for businesses looking to control access to unsafe, harmful, and inappropriate website content. Careful configuration of a web filter will ensure that potentially harmful content cannot be accessed, while websites essential for employees and customers can be accessed freely.

MSPs that provide web filtering solutions to their customers can easily increase revenue from existing clients and attract more business. However, many MSPs have delayed offering web filtering services to their customers, as previously some solutions have not been easy to implement and manage.

Many companies offer MSP solutions that are expensive for clients and lack suitable margins for the MSP – and rarely include the full range of required features. This is why TitanHQ developed WebTitan Cloud – a go-to-market solution offering Internet access control for managed service providers with all the features demanded by MSPs.

WebTitan Cloud: Easy-to-Implement Internet Access Control for Managed Service Providers

In order to maximize profits, an Internet access control for managed service providers needs to be quick to install and configure, and simple to operate. It should not require client site visits or extensive management time. WebTitan Cloud uses DNS-filtering and can be rapidly deployed. Each customer account can be configured in a matter of minutes without any need for software downloads or hardware purchases.

TitanHQ has been working closely with ISPs, MSPs and resellers since 1999. We understand that Internet access control for managed service providers needs to be seamlessly incorporated into existing client packages. To make this as easy as possible, WebTitan Cloud can be provided in a white label cloud. MSPs can easily add their own branding, corporate logos and color schemes. This allows MSPs to reinforce their own brand image, rather than ours!


We have also developed multiple APIs to allow Internet access control for managed service providers to be seamlessly integrated into backend billing, auto-provisioning, and monitoring systems.

We believe we have developed an exceptional Internet access control for managed service providers, and have made it as easy as possible for MSPs to start offering web filtering-as-a-service to existing clients.

We also offer the best customer service in the industry. Our helpful and knowledgeable sales support team is on hand to assist our clients with any implementation or operational issues. All MSP partners become part of our WebTitan Alliance Program and benefit from rapid resolution of any problems, with full post-sales support provided from implementation through to the development of MDF & lead generation programs.

Website Access Control for Managed Service Providers Made Simple

With TitanHQ, the management of website access control for managed service providers could not be simpler.

We developed our website access control for managed service providers to be easy to operate from any location. Managing multiple clients and multiple domains is a straightforward process. Being 100% cloud-based, all client accounts can be configured via a central control panel. Clients can even be provided with their own control panel to administer their own Internet access settings. No technical expertise is required, neither any specialist training. All interfaces are intuitive and easy to learn.

Management reports are generated automatically, no software updates or patching needs to be performed, and URL category updates are managed by TitanHQ. This means MSPs have only a minimal management overhead and can maximize profits, while ensuring their clients are given the best possible service.

Key Features of WebTitan Cloud

  • Web filtering with no latency
  • Content control for wired and wireless networks
  • Real-time URL filtering using pre-set and customizable categories and keywords
  • Coverage of more than 500 million websites: That’s 6 billion web pages in 200 languages.
  • 100% coverage of the top 1-million Alexa ranked websites
  • Unmatched combination of coverage, accuracy, and flexibility.
  • Multiple hosting options: On our servers, in a private AWS cloud, or within an MSP’s own infrastructure
  • Full suite of automatic and ad hoc usage reports
  • Supports whitelist and blacklists
  • Cloud keys can be supplied to quickly bypass all web filtering controls
  • Full support for all Internet-enabled devices
  • No bandwidth limits
  • Our Internet access control for managed service providers is scalable up to 100s of thousands of users.
  • Usage-based pricing with monthly billing

Download Our Free Brochure for MSPs

If you would like further information about how we work together with MSPs to provide an unrivalled service to the SMB marketplace, you are invited to download our free brochure explaining the TitanHQ MSP Program.

As well as illustrating the benefits of WebTitan´s Internet access control for Managed Service Providers, the brochure provides a checklist of what your customers can expect when subscribing - through you - to our web filtering service.

We support our claims that the TitanHQ MSP Program will save MSPs time and money with verifiable feedback from MSPs already using our service - all of whom comment on the reduced number of malware-related incidents they have to deal with.

Our brochure also explains the benefits of our billing strategy, our scalable pre-sales support, and how you can become a TitanHQ Certified Partner with your own Dedicated Alliance Manager after undergoing one-to-one training with an experienced Sales Engineer.

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