Internet Content Filter for Managed Service Providers

WebTitan Cloud is an Internet content filter for managed service providers that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing client packages. WebTitan Cloud can be deployed to protect wired networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing MSPs to protect their clients’ networks from Internet threats while blocking end users from accessing inappropriate website content.

Why SMBs Should Have an Internet Content Filtering Solution

It is important for businesses to take steps to restrict the content that can be accessed over the Internet. Controlling employee Internet access can lead to an increase in productivity by reducing the opportunity for cyberslacking and keeping the employees focused on work-related tasks.

A web filtering solution can also be implemented to reduce the risk of network malware infections. SMBs are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals looking to steal corporate and customer data. Recently, ransomware has been used to target SMBs. Ransomware locks critical business files with powerful encryption. A ransom is demanded by the attackers to unlock data. Attacks are increasingly being conducted via social media and compromised websites. Content control allows risk to be effectively managed.

WebTitan Cloud is an easily deployed web filtering solution that can block users from accessing inappropriate website content such as pornography and restrict access to social media websites and other common productivity killers. Our Internet content filter for managed service providers can also be configured to block websites known to contain malware, and prevent Internet users from engaging in unsafe online behavior.

Benefits of a DNS-Based Internet Content Filter for Managed Service Providers

An Internet content filter for managed service providers should be powerful, flexible, easy to deploy, and require a low management overhead. A DNS-based web filter is usually the most practical solution for MSPs.

DNS-based web filtering can be easily deployed without the need for any additional hardware purchases or software installations. Once a slight change has been made to DNS settings, website content can be filtered in a matter of minutes.

Some web filtering solutions can have a negative impact on Internet speed. WebTitan Cloud offers an Internet content filter for managed service providers with no latency.

Internet Filtering for Managed Service Providers Made Simple

Internet filtering for managed service providers need not be complicated and difficult to manage. With WebTitan Cloud, offering clients a secure and safe online environment could not be any easier.

WebTitan Cloud has been specifically developed to be an easy-to-implement Internet content filter for managed service providers. Initial configuration is rapid and client accounts can be configured in as little as 20 minutes.

Our web filtering solution requires no special IT skills or technical knowledge to operate. Client accounts can be quickly configured and tweaked, Internet usage policies can be rapidly applied, and usage reports can be generated automatically. MSPs do not need to spend hours configuring and maintaining client settings. That task can even be delegated to each client.

Key Benefits of Using WebTitan Cloud

Our Internet content filter for managed service providers is a convenient and powerful web filtering tool that can be easily incorporated into an MSP´s product portfolio. WebTitan Cloud allows MSPs to easily increase revenue from clients, improve cash flow, and attract more business.

TitanHQ can provide full sales and technical training to help resellers generate more business. ISPs, MSPs, and resellers also benefit from industry leading customer service and field sales support.

WebTitan Cloud has a number of key benefits for MSPs, including:

White Labelling

We understand that MSPs prefer to offer third-party solutions to clients under their own branding. Our Internet content filter for managed service providers is available in a full white-label version to allow MSPs to incorporate their own logos and brand color schemes.

Three Hosting Options

We are happy to host WebTitan Cloud, although we also offer private cloud deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MSPs have the option of hosting WebTitan Cloud within their own infrastructure.

Multiple APIs for Easy Implementation

Our Internet content filter for managed service providers can be quickly and easily implemented into back end systems. We provide multiple APIs for seamless integration into auto provisioning, billing, and back-office monitoring systems. Resellers also benefit from deal registration, MDF & lead generation programs via the WebTitan Alliance Program – our go-to-market strategic OEM for MSP partners.

Multi-Tenanted Platform with Low Management Overhead

WebTitan Cloud is a multi-tenanted cloud platform that is quick to deploy and easy to manage. MSPs can manage numerous locations and domains from one account, with new client accounts configurable in under 20 minutes. An easy-to-use administration panel provides MSPs with full control of all clients’ web filtering settings. Alternatively, Internet controls can be delegated to clients who prefer to administer their own Internet access policies.

Key Features of WebTitan Cloud

  • Real-time web filtering with antivirus, antimalware, antispyware, and adware protection
  • Fast URL filtering using pre-defined categories, whitelists, and blacklists
  • LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Web-based application filtering
  • Time-based rules
  • Support for all devices with no limit on routers, locations, or bandwidth
  • Full suite of automatic and ad hoc reports
  • Supports clients with dynamic or static IPs
  • Scalable up to 100s of thousands of users

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