How to Find Effective Internet Filtering Software

The key to finding effective Internet filtering software is to first determine what you want the software to achieve. Among the most common reasons for filtering Internet content is to prevent network users downloading malware and ransomware from compromised websites, and to prevent them falling victim to phishing scams – particularly phishing scams that open pathways in other network defenses.

Other reasons for implementing Internet filtering software include controlling what type of Internet content network users can access. In a business environment, controlling Internet access can result in an increase in productivity; while, on a publicly-accessible Wi-Fi network, Internet filtering software can prevent network users accessing online material that other users may find offensive.

In many organizations, Internet filtering software is used to limit access to high-bandwidth services in environments in which bandwidth is at a premium. These organizations can include schools, colleges and libraries – who may also be required to implement Internet access controls in order to comply with state laws or qualify for E-rate discounts under the Children´s Internet Protection Act.

In Order to be Effective, the Software has to be Versatile

Once you have determined your reason(s) for implementing Internet filtering software, the next stage is to find a solution with sufficient versatility to meet your needs. Some Internet filtering software, although excellent at mitigating web-borne threats such as malware, ransomware and phishing, may lack the versatility to allow access to business-critical websites and applications.

Features such as whitelisting – allowing trusted websites and applications to bypass the filtering mechanisms – can overcome this issue but, in larger organizations, whitelisting can be labor-intensive. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that a trusted website will remain malware-free if an update to the website exposes a vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers.

It may also be the case that you do not want to apply the software´s setting universally across your business. For example, a business in the hospitality industry providing a WiFi service to its customers may wish to prevent employees accessing social media sites in order to improve productivity, but would likely receive complaints if its customers were unable to access Facebook and Twitter.

Internet Filtering Software from WebTitan

WebTitan´s Internet filtering software is not only versatile, but easy to use. Our software sorts more than six billion web pages into fifty-three categories (adult content, gambling, social media, etc.) that network administrators can block access to with the click of a mouse. Further filtering parameters can be applied by keyword, bandwidth or time (i.e. to allow access to certain websites after a watershed).

Each of the parameters can be applied by individual user, user group or network-wide to maximize versatility and prevent network users being blocked from business-critical websites and applications. For larger organizations, WebTitan´s Internet filtering software integrates seamlessly with management tools such as Active Directory in order to accelerate the process of applying user policies.

WebTitan´s range of features include policy violation alerts, port blocking and file type controls. Real-time Internet activity on the network can be monitored via a web-based administration portal, and historic Internet activity can be pulled from a customizable reporting suite – a reporting suite that can help fulfil compliance obligations in regulated industries.

How WebTitan Protects Networks from Web-Borne Threats

At the same time as providing a versatile and easy-to-use content filtering solution, WebTitan provides an effective defense against web-borne threats. Using a combination of blacklists, SUBRL filters, phishing protection software, malicious URL detection software and antivirus software, WebTitan checks every request to visit a website against its filtering parameters with imperceptible latency.

WebTitan uses a process known as SSL inspection to check the content of encrypted websites. Without this feature, Internet filtering software cannot read the content of a website and, finding nothing to violate user policies, allows access to the website. More than half of the world´s most-visited websites are now encrypted, so this is an important process for both security and Internet access control.

All of the software used to effectively protect networks from web-borne threats is updated in real time remotely. There is no need for network administrators to schedule updates or take parts of the network offline while maintenance is being performed. For many organizations, WebTitan is a “set and forget” solution to Internet filtering, and the closest you will find to a “one size fits all” solution.

Try Our Internet Filtering Software for Free

If you are evaluating the options to control Internet access and are looking for an effective solution that also provides a robust defense against threats from malware, ransomware and phishing, you are invited to contact us and have an informal discussion about your requirements with one of our Sales Technicians. After finding out more about your current network defenses, we will offer you a free trial of WebTitan in one of the following deployment formats:

WebTitan Gateway

WebTitan Gateway is a virtual appliance that is installed behind your network´s firewall or hosted in a choice of virtual environments. Supporting all major hypervisions and scalable up to 60,000 users, WebTitan Gateway has built-in network auto configuration for quick and easy deployment.

WebTitan Cloud

As the name suggests, WebTitan Cloud is a cloud-based Internet access control solution that requires a simple redirection of the DNS server settings to point towards our servers. Simple to set up and manage, WebTitan Cloud is the ultimate in low maintenance Internet filtering solutions.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has been specifically developed to protect wireless networks and the devices that connect to them. Capable of protecting single WiFi access points or a nationwide network of WiFi hotspots, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is an ideal solution for businesses operating a BYOD policy.

Our free trial of WebTitan gives you the opportunity to test the versatility and ease of use of our Internet filtering software in order that you can find the optimum settings for your specific circumstances. Our industry-leading customer and technical support teams will be available to guide you throughout the trial period and help you best protect your network from malware, ransomware and phishing, while achieving your objectives for implementing Internet filtering software.