Internet Filtering for Businesses

Internet filtering is the most effective way for businesses to reduce the threat from malware and ransomware. Appliances for filtering the Internet work using a combination of blacklists, URIBL and SURBL filters, category filters and keyword filters to prevent users visiting websites known to harbor malware and downloading file types most commonly associated with ransomware.

Appliances for filtering the Internet can also prevent users visiting websites identified as fake phishing websites, those who hide their true identity behind a proxy server, and those who suspiciously use the whois privacy feature. If the genuine hosts of websites do not want to be known, it is a good idea not to allow users to visit these websites.

The Secondary Benefits of Internet Filtering

In addition to reducing the threat from malware and ransomware, Internet filtering can have a positive effect on workplace productivity by blocking access to non work-related websites. Appliances for filtering the Internet divide millions of web pages into more than fifty categories (abortion, adult entertainment, alternative beliefs, alcohol, etc.), that can be blocked with the click of a mouse.

Certain categories of websites can also be blocked to prevent users accessing inappropriate content. For a business that provides a publicly-accessible Internet service, this can prevent customers, students, and diners – as well as employees – from being exposed to online material they may find offensive. In a workplace environment, it will eliminate many HR issues associated with intimidation and bullying.

The Deployment of Appliances for Filtering the Internet

Appliances for filtering the Internet can be deployed in three different ways – either as hardware-based solutions, software-based solutions or cloud-based solutions. Hardware-based solutions have their uses for home networks, but are typically not cost-effective for businesses due to their upfront costs and high maintenance overheads.

Consequently, most business Internet filtering is done by “virtual” software-based solutions or cloud-based solutions. The choice between the two solutions can depend on how the business´s network is set up or the level of control the business wants over its network. Cloud-based solutions are usually better for wireless Internet filtering.

Ease of Use and Flexibility are Important Considerations

In order to be truly effective, appliances for filtering the Internet should be easy to use and flexible. If they are too complicated to understand, or lack the granularity to provide the optimal settings, Internet filtering will either be too rigid – potentially blocking access to business-critical applications – or too relaxed, opening doorways for cybercriminals to release malware payloads.

At WebTitan, we have been developing Internet filtering solutions since 2009, and – listening to feedback from our existing clients – have developed three appliances for filtering the Internet that have won awards for “policy control combined with solid malware protection, web filtering and application control”.

Each appliance is managed via a central web-based portal, through which administrators can set Internet filtering policies by user, user-group or business-wide. The three-tier filtering mechanism ensures maximum flexibility for businesses while ensuring they remain protected against the threat of malware and ransomware. The three appliances are:

WebTitan Gateway

WebTitan Gateway is a low maintenance, software-based Internet filtering appliance that is installed behind the network´s firewall and can be run as an ISO directly on your hardware or on your virtual infrastructure. WebTitan Gateway configures automatically, has automatic back up and software update features, and is scalable up to 60,000 users.

WebTitan Cloud

WebTitan Cloud is a cloud-based solution that is deployed by redirecting the server´s DNS settings and therefore is compatible with all operating systems. The primary advantage of WebTitan Cloud is that the SSL inspection process takes place in the cloud, eliminating the drain on business´s servers and delivering a filtered Internet service with imperceptible latency.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is the best Internet filtering solutions for businesses that have a BYOD policy or that provide a publicly-accessible wireless Internet service. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be set up and configured within minutes and supports both single WiFi access points and nationwide networks consisting of multiple WiFi hotspots.

Your Invitation to Try WebTitan for Free

If you have concerns about your business´s online security, and would like to try Internet filtering for free, do not hesitate to contact us and request a free trial of WebTitan´s appliances for filtering the Internet. Our team of Sales technicians will discuss your current online security precautions with you, and recommend you try the most appropriate Internet filtering solution to suit your specific needs.

There are no credit cards required nor contracts to sign in order to take advantage of our free trial offer, and you will not be obligated to continue using our service once your free trial is over. If you choose to continue using WebTitan thereafter, we can offer a range of competitive subscription packages based on the number of employees, your preferred method of deployment and preferred payment schedule.

Contact us today to find out more. Our team will be happy to answer any questions about Internet filtering and how it can reduce the threat from malware and ransomware, have a positive effect on workplace productivity and prevent users accessing inappropriate content and eliminate many HR issues associated with intimidation and bullying.  In addition to web filtering, if you want to keep your inboxes free from spam and malware, be sure to ask about SpamTitan - the best spam filter for business use.