What is Microsoft Exchange Antivirus Software?

Microsoft Exchange antivirus software is a third-party solution for businesses using Exchange mail servers. It is a necessary security product because Windows antivirus programs that run on Windows servers cannot detect email-borne viruses, spam, or malware, and the alternatives are to either use the complicated antimalware software introduced in Exchange 2013, or subscribe to the Exchange Online Protection service.

Neither alternative is entirely satisfactory. The Exchange antimalware software is difficult to use and only identifies “known” strains of malware (indeed, Microsoft recommends pairing it with other antimalware solutions), and the premium Exchange Online Protection service includes many features you may not need or that are already being provided by other third-party software solutions. Fortunately, a good selection of Microsoft Exchange antivirus software exists.

Identifying the Best Microsoft Exchange Antivirus Software

In order for any antivirus, antimalware, or anti-phishing software to be consider best in class, it has to have specific attributes. These include, but are not limited to, machine learning capabilities that can predict new attack methods (rather than only preventing “known” strains of malware), real-time patches and updates (rather than retrospective updates after the horse has bolted), and robust alerting options that provide threat intelligence to security teams.

In order for these attributes to be effective, they have to be easy to use. In many cases, businesses have found Microsoft Exchange antivirus software solutions over-complicated and similar in process to the procedures recommended by Microsoft for its Exchange antimalware software. As with any type of antivirus, antimalware, or anti-phishing software, if settings are not applied correctly, the software produces too many false positives or allows too many threats to enter the network.

SpamTitan´s Antivirus Software for Microsoft Exchange

SpamTitan is a leading anti-spam software solution that is well-regarded for its high spam detection rates and ease of use. Among many security-enhancing features, SpamTitan contains double antivirus protection from Bitdefender and Clam AV which serve to block known and previously unknown strains of viruses and malware as they attempt to infiltrate the network, or as viruses and malware are sent from the server through compromised business email accounts.

The SpamTitan solution includes machine learning and pattern learning technologies to make the software more effective at detecting new virus strains and malware, as well as predictive techniques such as Bayesian analysis and heuristics to prevent emails harboring these threats reaching their intended recipients. Real-time patches and updates are applied automatically, while IT security teams can drill deep into SpamTitan´s reports to analyze threat levels.

Your Invitation to Try SpamTitan for Free

If you are concerns about gaps in your network security, or are looking for the best Microsoft Exchange antivirus software, do not hesitate to get in contact and speak with one of our Sales Technicians. Our Sales technicians will be happy to discuss your concerns and how SpamTitan can help, and offer advice about potential solutions to strengthen your business´s defenses against email-borne viruses, spam, and malware.

You will also be invited to try SpamTitan´s Microsoft Exchange antivirus software for a trial period so that you can evaluate it in your own environment. SpamTitan is available in a range of deployment options, is quick to install and easy to configure. Furthermore, once you have adjusted its settings to the optimum settings for your business´s requirements, no further configuration of the solution will be necessary if you choose to become a SpamTitan customer at the end of the trial.