Why SpamTitan is the Leading Mimecast Alternative

In this article, we compare two of the leading email security solutions and show why SpamTitan Email Security is the leading Mimecast alternative for enterprises, SMBs, and managed service providers. Naturally, we believe SpamTitan is a great product, but we also provide ratings from verified users of the solution from a leading independent business software review platform, which confirms SpamTitan as a top Mimecast alternative.

Why Do I Need an Advanced Email Security Solution?

Traditional email security gateways do a good job at blocking spam email and common malware threats, but the threat landscape is constantly evolving and email-based attacks on businesses are not only increasing in number, they are also becoming much more sophisticated. An advanced email security solution will block spam and nuisance emails and known malware threats but will also include advanced threat protection capabilities and machine learning/artificial intelligence to predict new attacks and identify and block zero-day attacks.

Blocking these attacks before they reach inboxes is vital. Phishing attacks are difficult for end-users to identify, and mistakes are often made. Human error is a major factor in 95% of cyberattacks, which explains why 9 out of 10 cyberattacks start with a phishing email. Also consider that 60% of SMBs go out of business within 6 months of a cyberattack when deciding if you need to improve your email security defenses.

Email Security from Mimecast: Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Mimecast’s email security solution is the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway, which is a popular choice with enterprises, although there are product tiers available for SMBs at a lower price without some of the enterprise features. The solution provides great protection against spam, phishing, and malware attacks thanks to malicious attachment blocking, URL filtering, and email impersonation prevention mechanisms. The product also features email archiving for business continuity and mechanisms to prevent compromised email accounts from being used to target other individuals in the company.

The solution performs well at protecting against malicious cloud or perimeter-based inbound emails, provides real-time protection against the full range of threats, has outbound filtering with data loss prevention to stop email from being used to send sensitive data externally, and DMARC brand protection to stop email spoofing. Negatives include the lack of an on-prem solution – it is only cloud-based – no account takeover protection, and there is considerable room for improvement in the admin console and policy management to make the solution more user-friendly.

Email Security from TitanHQ: SpamTitan Email Security

TitanHQ’s email security solution is SpamTitan, which is provided as a cloud-based service – SpamTitan Cloud- or as a virtual appliance that can be installed on-premises on existing hardware – SpamTitan Gateway. SpamTitan has an industry-leading spam catch rate of 99.99%, will block 100% of known malware using dual antivirus engines, and includes advanced threat protection to block unknown threats. DMARC protects against brand damage and email impersonation attacks, sandboxing is used to identify previously unseen malware variants, and artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are used to predict new threats and block phishing attacks.

SpamTitan has data loss prevention mechanisms to prevent email accounts from being used to send sensitive data externally and the outbound mail filtering prevents brand damage and can identify compromised mailboxes.  The solution includes 6 real-time blocklists and is fed community threat intelligence from over 650 million users globally, which ensures rapid protection against emerging threats.

SpamTitan receives excellent ratings on independent review sites for ease of setup, ease of use, and ease of maintenance, and is straightforward to use by anyone, including individuals with limited IT skills through an intuitive central admin console.

SpamTitan and Mimecast Email Security Pricing

One of the biggest differentiators between the two solutions is price. Price is an important consideration for SMBs and also managed service providers serving that market. It is important to be able to protect against the full range of threats but to do so in a cost-effective way.

For an equivalent product tier to SpamTitan, Mimecast Secure Email Gateway costs $4.50 per user, per month, or $13,500 per year, based on 250 users. SpamTitan is priced at $1.08 per user, per month, or $3,225 per year. Price isn’t everything, but with a cost-saving of $3.42 per user, per month, or $10,275 per year, it is easy to see why SpamTitan is a top Mimecast alternative.

How do Mimecast Secure Email Gateway and SpamTitan Email Security Compare?

We believe SpamTitan is an ideal Mimecast alternative for enterprises, SMBs, and managed service providers, as it is easier to use than Mimecast, and deployment and setup are much more straightforward. The competitive pricing of SpamTitan also means enterprise-class advanced email security is affordable for SMBs.

Reviews on the independent business software review platform, G2 Crowd, confirm why SpamTitan is a leading Mimecast alternative. The overall ratings, based on 183 reviews of SpamTitan and 141 reviews of Mimecast, see SpamTitan given higher ratings in 6 of the 7 rating categories.

  • Meets Requirements
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Admin
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Doing Business With

The only areas where Mimecast performed better was product direction. In virtually all areas of protection, detection, security, features and functionality, administration, and maintenance, SpamTitan was rated higher than Mimecast.

SpamTitan: The Leading Mimecast Alternative for Email Security

“The overwhelming positive feedback from SpamTitan users on G2 Crowd is indicative of our commitment to ensuring the highest levels of customer success. An incredible achievement for a product that is significantly the IT pro’s favorite,” Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ.

If you want to improve email security at your business, if you are searching for a Mimecast alternative to reduce costs, or if you are an MSP looking for an easier to use email security solution, give the TitanHQ team a call for more information on SpamTitan Email Security.  The full product – including customer support – is available on a free trial to let you see for yourself how effective the solution is and how easy it is to use.