MSP Phishing Protection

SMBs are being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals and phishing is the main way that access to their networks is gained. It can be difficult for SMBs to implement and manage a comprehensive range of phishing solutions which is why many seek MSP phishing protection services. MSPs that provide advanced phishing protection can generate significant regular, recurring revenue from clients by ensuring they are well protected from phishing attacks. By blocking more phishing attacks, MSPs will be able to save countless hours of support time.

TitanHQ MSP Phishing Protection Solutions

MSP phishing protection packages need to incorporate multiple cybersecurity products and services to protect clients from increasingly sophisticated phishing threats, and those products and services need to be cloud-based to make them easy for MSPs to manage. TitanHQ offers three classes of products that can be incorporated into service stacks to provide comprehensive protection from even sophisticated phishing threats – SpamTitan Email Security, Web Titan Web Content Filtering, and SafeTitan Security Awareness Training. These solutions have all been awarded Expert Insights’ Best-of awards in 2022 in their respective cybersecurity categories and are 5-star rated solutions on G2.

SpamTitan Cloud

SpamTitan Cloud is a powerful yet easy to use email security solution for detecting and blocking advanced phishing threats. The solution filters out phishing, spear phishing, and waling threats in real time, provides advanced threat protection using Bayesian analysis and heuristics, and has machine learning capabilities with predictive technology to defend against evolving cyberattack techniques and zero-day threats. In addition to dual anti-virus engines that block all known malware threats, the solution incorporates sandboxing for detecting zero-day malware threats.

SpamTitan Plus

Some clients will need even greater protection against email phishing attacks. SpamTitan Plus provides best-in-class protection against URL-based email threats. SpamTitan Plus has 100% coverage of all current market-leading anti-phishing feeds, providing a 1.5x increase in unique phishing UIRL detections, 1.6x faster detection than the current market leaders, and just 5 minutes from initial detection of a malicious URL to protect all end users’ inboxes. SpamTitan Plus also conducts predictive analysis to identify suspicious URLs.

WebTitan Cloud

WebTitan Cloud is a DNS-based web filtering solution for blocking access to phishing sites and other malicious web content such as sites hosting malware and ransomware. The web filter eliminates malicious content at source without downloading any content, there is no latency, and the solution allows flexible policies to be created for different environments. WebTitan allows businesses to deliver safe and secure Wi-Fi to clients, incorporates AI-powered protection against active and emerging phishing URLs and zero-minute threats, with and has unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy.

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training is the latest addition to the TitanHQ MSP phishing protection portfolio, allowing MSPs to offer clients comprehensive security awareness training to clients. The platform has an extensive library of engaging training content for teaching employees security best practices and how to identify phishing emails. The platform also includes a phishing simulator that allows MSPs to automate phishing tests. The phishing simulator can also be used as a breach and attack simulation (BAS) tool to demonstrate why clients need to sign up for MSP phishing protection services.

TitanHQ Solutions Are Easy to Incorporate into an MSP’s Service Stack

TitanHQ has developed a suite of cloud-based MSP phishing protection solutions that can be accessed through a single web browser. The solutions can also be integrated into an MSPs existing systems through a suite of TitanHQ APIs to make client management even simpler.

TitanHQ solutions are hosted in the TitanHQ cloud, although MSPs can opt for a private cloud or even host them within their own infrastructure. TitanHQ offers flexible pricing to accommodate MSPs’ fluctuating seat numbers, and monthly billing is also possible. TitanHQ solutions can also be provided unbranded, ready to take an MSPs own branding.

All TitanHQ solutions are provided to MSPs under the TitanShield MSP Program. For more information on the program and TitanHQ’s MSP phishing protection solutions, give the TitanHQ channel team a call today.