MSP Spam Filtering Service

With ransomware attacks increasing and phishing and malware attacks a constant menace, SMBs need help. Many SMBs have turned to their MSPs for help and MSP spam filtering services are in high demand, as the majority of threats – phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware, botnets, and business email compromise – use email as the main attack vector. All of these threats target employees, who are a weak link in the security chain. By preventing these threats from ever reaching employees’ inboxes, MSPs will be able to prevent their clients from suffering many costly client data breaches.

Virtually All MSPs Offer Managed Security Services

While there was once reluctance among MSPs to start providing managed security services to clients, forward-thinking MSPs took advantage of the demand and started offering spam filtering and other security services to their clients. Over the past few years, more and more MSPs have started offering a spam filtering service and other managed security services to clients as the volume of cyber threats has increased, and traditional security solutions are failing to block those threats. MSPs that have started offering managed security are now reaping the rewards.

A recent survey conducted on MSPs by Datto has confirmed this. In addition to offering standard IT management services, virtually all MSPs are now offering managed security services to some degree – 99% of MSPs said they offer managed security services, 84% provide advanced endpoint security such as next-generation antivirus products or endpoint detection and response solutions, 82% offer email security, and 79% offer data loss protection services.

If clients want these services, it makes sense to provide them, as long as an MSP has the internal security talent to manage the services. 51% of MSPs said they recruited that talent, 36% said they have trained existing staff, and 61% have partnered with an MSSP to provide some or all of the security services their clients want. While the latter is certainly an option, there are considerable benefits to either recruiting in-house talent or training existing staff members. There are great margins to be had on cloud-based security software-as-a-service solutions, they generate regular recurring revenue, and providing MSPs partner with the right vendors, MSP spam filtering and other cybersecurity solutions are easy to set up, configure, manage, and fit into an MSPs existing technology stack.

How to Add an MSP Spam Filtering Solution to Your Service Stack

Your clients may want the full range of security services, which means to meet their needs you will need to acquire an MSSP business, partner with an MSSP, or build up your MSSP services from scratch. A combination of working with an MSSP and starting to offer services yourself is the easier and less costly option. You can start by offering solutions that are easiest to provide and give the most benefit. An MSP spam filtering service is one of the best places to start, as this is the single most effective solution for blocking threats, and TitanHQ makes this as easy as possible.

TitanHQ provides MSP-focused security software-as-a-service through 100% cloud solutions. The MSP spam filtering offerings – SpamTitan Cloud and SpamTitan Plus – are a perfect fit for protecting email systems against the full range of email-borne cyber threats. They will help to improve productivity by filtering out spam and email threats, will protect against phishing, and block malware and ransomware threats, even sophisticated attacks and zero-day threats.

MSPs benefit from a central console that gives a single pane view of all client accounts, which makes setting up, configuring, and managing the spam filter for all clients a straightforward process. MSPs can offer spam filtering as a managed service to clients who have little or no IT support or security skills in-house, and the intuitive and easy-to-use solution means the MSP does not need to bring in highly skilled talent to start offering MSP spam filtering, nor commit extensive resources to manage the spam filter. SpamTitan is a low-maintenance solution that works on all operating systems and is 100% cloud-based, so no site visits are required and there are no virtual appliances to install.

Start with an easy-to-use MSP spam filtering service, build up your MSSP business by adding other easy-to-use cloud-delivered TitanHQ solutions such as web filtering (WebTitan), email archiving (ArcTitan), email encryption (EncryptTitan), and security awareness training and phishing simulations (SafeTitan), and you will have a core set of security services to better serve the needs of your clients. We recommend providing a phishing and malware protection package consisting of three TitanHQ solutions: SpamTitan MSP Spam Filtering, WebTitan MSP Web Security, and the SafeTitan MSP Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation Platform.

Selling Security Services to Your Clients

Once you have signed up for a set of core security services, you will need to market those to your clients. These services are in high demand as SMBs are typically well aware of the threats they have to deal with; however, to make this as easy as possible, TitanHQ provides a suite of sales and marketing tools and training material to get you on the right track and help you explain the need for security and how TitanHQ products address that need and provide top-level protection against all threats. Through TitanHQ’s extensive reporting and phishing simulation tools, you can deliver threat intelligence and analytics to demonstrate the real benefits that come from using the solutions. With these reports and data, it makes it easy to demonstrate to clients the benefits of your security services, which can be invaluable when it comes to contract renewals.

If you would like advice on getting started with offering managed security services, and to get further information on TitanHQ’s MSP spam filtering, web filtering, and security awareness training offerings, give the TitanHQ channel team a call today.