Family Guard saves considerable time by deploying WebTitan Cloud for its Wi-Fi customers

With WebTitan Cloud DNS filtering, Family Guard can offer Web content controls directly to its customers easily and securely. WebTitan facilitates scale and eliminates latency while also being simple to set up and manage.

“WebTitan Cloud adds a strong layer of protection to our customers router and WiFi set up. WebTitan Cloud just fits perfectly in a place where nothing else really does.”

Tanner Harman

President of Family Guard

The Business Problem

  • Malicious websites, spyware, and viruses present real threats to Internet users can not be be ignored. FamilyGuard Filtering provides WiFi routers  to homes with pre-configured DNS settings so home users can experience high-quality network protection via  a plug and play model.  The company is growing quickly with increased demand for clean and filtered home WiFi.  All filtering plans are designed to keep inappropriate content out of customers’ home. 
  • All router purchases come with pre-configured settings to remove harmful & dangerous content from the home. Previously the FamilyGuard service used a different filtering service to plug into their routers.  The company started using the WebTitan WiFi filter in April  2016 to ensure safe and filtered WiFi access to its customers.
  • In moving to a new DNS  filtering solution  FamilyGuard  needed to be sure the domain database  and URL filtering capabilities were comprehensive and all the associated technologies were robust.  The previous solution  however proved  inadequate as FamilyGuard experienced numerous issues which could not be overcome  namely around category and site classification accuracy.  The company have found that since offering WebTitan Cloud as part of its router offering it has had complete accuracy. With WebTitan Cloud, the system contains over 500 million website addresses in 200 languages, each sorted into the predefined categories. Combined with cloud-based look up, users get highly accurate and flexible filtering based on a website’s content.
  • According to Tanner Harman, President of FamilyGuard ‘another important element we were looking for in our replacement solution was complete white labelling, thankfully WebTitan is completely rebrandable and customisable providing us with the vital ability to provide a unified “ALL IN” service to customers’.  Rebrandable elements include a customisable UI to reflect your own corporate branding and a customisable block page.

The Solution

  • The FamilyGuard technical team did a lot of research looking at various re-brandable Web filtering providers (white label option) and eventually signed up for a free trial of the WebTitan cloud service. After testing it independently, the technical team contacted TitanHQ with some questions on how best to implement and use WebTitan to offer Web filtering to its customers. According to Tanner  ‘In terms of the trial everything was very straightforward, it was good to speak to an engineer that was able to answer all my questions, this is not common in the technology industry. In terms of usability I  liked the interface which was very user friendly. The reporting tool was also easy to use and I like the notification system a lot. “

Significant Time Savings

  • “WebTitan Cloud has drastically reduced the time my team spends responding to malware. The ease of implementing WebTitan Cloud made it simple to get up and running. For our technical staff it reduced the time spend on support calls as the number of support calls reduced  dramatically almost immediately. WebTitan Cloud blocks all the bad stuff before it hits the customers location so issues that previously occurred regularly are now avoided.


  • ‘The multi-tenant console is fantastic and very easy to use. WebTitan Cloud adds a strong layer of protection to our customers router and WiFi set up and WebTitan Cloud just fits in a place that nothing else really fits’.

Planning for Growth – no licensing barriers

  • As a web filtering service provider  Family-Guard  are growing at a staggering rate, adding customers to their service daily. Being able to sustain this growth without any license barriers was essential for them. With WebTitan cloud adding licenses daily, weekly or month is easy. Family-Guard  were offered a very flexible plan that worked with dynamic licensing requirements without being cost prohibitive.

The Success

In moving to a new DNS filtering solution FamilyGuard needed to be sure the domain database was significant and all the associated technologies were robust and up to standard. With WebTitan Cloud they were not disappointed. The solution allows FamilyGuard to offer web content controls to their customers easily. Deployed as a cloud based service, it is a DNS based solution requiring simple DNS redirect to the WebTitan servers. This makes WebTitan simple to set up and manage. It facilitates scale and eliminates latency. The multi tenanted solution can be hosted either within the TitanHQ Cloud or in the service provider’s own datacentre.

Training Complete

It took technical staff just 30 minutes to become familiar and comfortable with WebTitan Cloud.


WebTitan Cloud has saved Family-Guard over $10,000 in just 12 months.


With WebTitan Cloud the system contains over 500 million website addresses in 200 languages, each sorted into the predefined categories