Resolve Issues with the Office 365 Spam Filter the Easy Way

If your business uses the Office 365 spam filter, you have undoubtedly encountered issues. According to a 2017 report from SE Labs, the Office 365 spam filter falls into the “low to middle end of the market” for detecting spam emails and protecting businesses from email-borne threats such as malware and ransomware.

Part of the reason for this is that the Office 365 spam filter is updated retrospectively – i.e. once sources of spam emails are identified. There are no mechanisms to detect spam email from previously unknown sources, or machine learning capabilities to predict new attack methods with the exception of the premium anti-phishing Advanced Email Threat Protection Service.

Unfortunately for businesses that do not subscribe to the premium service, the Office 365 spam filter is of little use for preventing phishing attempts. Administrators either have to block non-compliant “From.addresses” – which comes with the risk of blocking genuine emails sent from legacy servers – or manually block IP addresses retrospectively using the connection filter.

The problem with retrospectively blocking spam emails and IP addresses associated with phishing emails is that spammers and cybercriminals don´t stay in the same space for very long. As soon as it is evident that existing IP addresses are being blocked, they move into a new space with a new IP address – evading detection by the Office 365 spam filter and once again threatening businesses.

How SpamTitan and the Office 365 Spam Filter Differ

SpamTitan is a leading anti-spam solution that overcomes the issues associated with the Office 365 spam filter. Using the proactive Greylisting process, SpamTitan achieves a spam detection rate of 99.97% by sending all non-whitelisted emails back to their originating servers with a request for the emails to be resent. Few are returned from spammers´ servers that are too busy to respond.

Our solution also uses pattern learning and threat intelligence to anticipate new attack methods and prevent malware-infected emails reaching users´ inboxes. With regards to phishing emails, our malicious URL detection tools and SURBL filters quarantine any email containing a link to a phishing website, while data leak protection technology flags any requests to reveal sensitive information.

These features do not require sophisticated administration or a subscription to a premium service in order to be effective. Similarly, features such as outbound scanning – which can detect compromised business email accounts – are available as standard options and require very little effort to configure or operate. Indeed, SpamTitan has been specifically designed with ease of use in mind.

Further advantages of SpamTitan when compared to the Office 365 spam filter include that SpamTitan is available in a choice of deployment options (on-premises included), the solution can be easily integrated with backend management tools such as LDAP and Active Directory for quick synchronization, and it supports an unlimited number of users. Furthermore, SpamTitan works on any operating system.

Try SpamTitan for Free to See the Difference for Yourself

If your business is currently relying on the Office 365 spam filter to detect spam emails and protect your networks from malware and ransomware, do not hesitate to give us a call to request a free trial of SpamTitan. Our team of Sales technicians will be happy to discuss any issues you are currently experiencing and how they can be resolved the easy way with SpamTitan, and also offer advice about which deployment option may be most suitable for your requirements.