Network Needs move from OpenDNS to WebTitan to eliminate customer onboarding complexity.

With WebTitan for Managed Service Providers, Network Needs was able to offer its customers a service that differentiated Network Needs from its competition, delivered additional revenue, and provided more value to customers.

“When we decided to trial WebTitan Cloud we were happily surprised. Straightaway we dropped OpenDNS and moved to WebTitan Cloud and it is impressing day by day”

Network Needs

Technical Director

The Business Challenge

  • The biggest business challenge facing managed service provider Network Needs was finding the right solution that would allow it provide malware protection for 1,200 different customers in multiple locations. Each customer has unique needs and requires a flexible malware protection solution.
  • Based in the UK, it operates 24×7 from dedicated UK data centres to keep its clients running smoothly and ensure IT support is available when needed. Cybercrime is an established threat for all businesses, regardless of size or activity. Protecting against the ever-changing threat landscape is vital to protect data, clients and productivity. Network Needs offers its clients both spam and web filtering as a service.
  • The average business user now encounters an average of 3 malicious links per day. Email had always been the preferred vehicle for cybercriminals but changing developments in email security have seen scammers move to a more lucrative target – the Internet. This shift from email to the web also means cybercriminals reach a much larger audience. As the Internet is now woven into everyday life, attackers have shifted their focus.
  • In this environment, Networks Needs realized that endpoint and email security solutions alone are not enough. Today, web filtering is a must for security. The growth of blended threats mean it’s something people need every day, all day, while they are connected to the Internet. For Network Needs, using WebTitan at an ISP level is providing piece of mind for customers. Today, Network Needs offers a multi-layered approach to security to its customers including gateway email protection, endpoint antivirus, firewalls, and WebTitan Cloud web filtering.
  • According to Technical Director, Ryan Lochhead  ‘We had used OpenDNS to offer web filtering and found them very accommodating at the start offering support and guidance with the solution but once the deal was agreed this all fell away.
  • I use SpamTitan for our spam filtering service so when our account manager called to discuss your DNS filtering solution I was happy to listen. When we decided to trial WebTitan Cloud we were happily surprised. Straightaway, we dropped OpenDNS and moved to WebTitan Cloud and it is impressing day by day”

The Solution

  • WebTitan for Managed Service Providers allows MSPs to set up and manage malware protection through an easy-to-use web interface. Deployment takes minutes, and each network offers web content filtering and reporting options that can be managed by the customer.
  • Web content filtering as a service is an essential added security layer that has driven growth for Network Needs. They currently offer a web filtering service to 1,200 end users across multiple locations.  WebTitan makes it easy for Network Needs to deploy, manage and sell web content filtering solutions using WebTitan Cloud for service providers. Increasingly, MSPs are taking advantage of this growing business opportunity by delivering value added web security services. An easy to use interface allows MSPs access to manage their clients’ web filtering settings, with comprehensive reporting. Making a change to a customer network can be done remotely anywhere there’s Internet access.
  • “At Network Needs we have a policy set up so when a new computer joins the domain it automatically gets the WebTitan Cloud DNS filtering applied. It’s a simple, painless process. For a client to have access to our solutions the process is simply 3 steps 1- reach out to us 2-we provide a plan and quote 3- we deliver a solution that the client can forget about administering and feel safe’ Lockhead says.

Service & Support

  • Network Needs were especially pleased with the service they got from sales and support staff from the first conversation right through to today. ‘The best feature of WebTitan have to be the people behind the product, support and development and not to forget sales (account managers) are first class. We’ve even made product suggestions and had them implemented, I can’t see that happening with other security companies.’

Product Features

  • ‘I often provide advice on security products and I always make sure that WebTitan and SpamTitan are always recommended – I know if they need a product this is the one to compare against. Some people are afraid of what they don’t know or have never used. Many IT pros use what they have always used because it is easier. The fact is, looking at alternative more innovative solutions could make their working life so much easier and the service they offer customers so much better if they just took that leap of faith.’

The Benefits

“There are many advantages for Service Providers like Network Needs in partnering with TitanHQ for their Web Filtering Service. WebTitan easily integrated into Network Needs existing service stack, avoiding any delays in offering the service. There is comprehensive remote management and monitoring via an API. Any MSP will benefit from WebTitan Clouds many advantages, including rapid deployment, automated updates, ease of scalability, and the ability to host in your own environment if preferred.”

Reduced Spend

With WebTitan the cost was very impressive for what we got. We moved from OpenDNS (Umbrella) and have significantly reduced our spend (about 50%) while increasing the quality of the service we offer customers.

Complete Malware Protection

WebTitan allows Network Needs provide malware protection for 1,200 different customers in multiple locations

Simple Set-up

Simple and straightforward 3 step onboarding process. A complete set and forget solution.