OpenDNS Competitor Alternatives for Web Filtering

If your business is currently using Cisco Umbrella – the enterprise version of Cisco OpenDNS – WebTitan Cloud is one of the best OpenDNS competitor alternatives for web filtering in terms of price, customer support, and ease of use. Try WebTitan Cloud today for free and see for yourself.

In 2015, Cisco bought OpenDNS for $635 million. The new owners maintained the free-to-use, domain-blocking Home and Family versions of OpenDNS, but extended the premium OpenDNS Umbrella version to include “Insights” and “Platform” add-on options. Many of the features originally included in the basic premium service were migrated to the add-on options, meaning businesses had to pay more for them.

Cisco also increased the price of OpenDNS Umbrella in order to recover the cost of the purchase and to continue supporting the free-to-use versions of OpenDNS. Consequently, businesses using OpenDNS Umbrella for web filtering were effectively paying more than before for a lesser service, and subsidizing free users. The hunt for Cisco OpenDNS competitor alternatives was on.

Performing an Accurate Cisco Umbrella Price Comparison is Difficult

Performing an accurate price comparison between all Cisco OpenDNS competitor alternatives is difficult because prices change according to the number of users subscribing to a service, discounts can apply for payments in advance, and the number of features included in enterprise packages can vary between Cisco OpenDNS competitor alternatives.

For example, on a like-for-like basis, WebTitan Cloud is less than half the price of Cisco Umbrella “DNS Security Essentials”  for small businesses with 100 or fewer users to protect.

As the number of users increases, the price differential decreases a little, although WebTitan Cloud provides major cost savings regardless of the number of users. The ore users, the more significant the cost savings become.

The WebTitan DNS Filter is in many ways a direct swap out for Cisco Umbrella and provides the same protection as Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Essentials, and also includes several important functions that are only included in the next tiers of the product – Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Advantage and Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) Essentials – which increase the cost of web filtering further still.

With WebTitan you also get the following included in the price, which are not included as standard in DNS Security Essentials:

  • Free telephone technical support (only available with Cisco´s higher level plans)
  • More extensive API set with more customizable options than Cisco Umbrella
  • Twice as many customizable reports than Cisco Umbrella
  • Group-ranking AD integration which is easier to use than Cisco´s policy-ranking integration
  • Data maintained regionally, rather than randomly via Cisco´s AnyCast system
  • The opportunity for MSPs to rebrand and customize WebTitan Cloud
  • The option to host WebTitan Cloud in a private cloud (not available through Cisco)

If you wish to perform your own price comparison against Cisco OpenDNS or any other Cisco OpenDNS competitor alternatives, WebTitan Cloud pricing is 100 percent transparent.  Simply visit our pricing calculator page, enter the number of users you want to protect, you preferred deployment option and favored payment cycle, and the full support-inclusive price will be available to you immediately.

Customer Support Comparisons are Much Easier

Whereas a price comparison between Cisco OpenDNS competitor alternatives is difficult, a Customer Support comparison between WebTitan Cloud and Cisco Umbrella is much easier. With WebTitan Cloud you get free, focused 24/7/365 Customer Support by phone included in the price, whereas Cisco Umbrella provides “basic level” DNS Security Essentials clients (who are paying up to twice as much for their service) with email support only.

Cisco´s email response varies according to the nature of your issue. If you have a technical question or configuration issue that “moderately impacts” your ability to use Cisco Umbrella, you will get a response within a day (Monday to Friday). If you have a question about how a feature works or want to request a password reset, you have to wait up to two business days before you´ll receive an answer. The speed of support is one of the main complaints from Cisco Umbrella customers, many of whom have paid the add-on to improve support.

TitanHQ consistently receives excellent feedback for the level of support provided, with the company proud of providing industry-leading customer service and post-sales support to customers. When you need help, it is at hand and we will get you the answers you need about the product and will provide technical support to quickly resolve any issues you have. You really cant put a price on friendly, helpful support staff so we didn’t. Support is included in the price.

Why Ease of Use is so Important

Being able to use a product without having a very steep learning curve is important. With WebTitan cloud everything is put at your fingertips. You can configure the solution with ease, get the information you need from a comprehensive suite of reports, configure your own reports, and the extensive drill down reporting gives you real-time views of Internet activity with a couple of clicks of a mouse. If the IT staff do not like using a solution, find it difficult or time-consuming, they will avoid using it as far as possible. The importance of ease of use is reflected in user reviews.

The G2 Crowd independent review platform leverages more than 650,000 independent and authenticated user reviews. The WebTitan web filter is neck and neck with Cisco Umbrella, but comprehensively beats Cisco Umbrella across the 6 main rating factors, and bear in mind that Cisco Umbrella is over twice the cost of WebTitan.

Try Our Cisco OpenDNS Competitor Alternatives for Free

If your business is using Cisco Umbrella or any other OpenDNS competitor alternatives, you are invited to take a free trial of WebTitan Cloud or WebTitan Cloud for WiFi in order to evaluate our DNS-based web filtering solution in your own environment. Alternatively you can watch an instant live demo of WebTitan Cloud in action simply by sending us your email address.

If you have any questions before starting your free trial or after watching our demo, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and can organize a second demonstration tailored to your specific needs if required. This is the path followed by Managed Service Provider Network Needs, who switched from Cisco OpenDNS to WebTitan Cloud to provide a flexible solution for 1,200 clients in multiple locations. Network Needs´ Technical Director Ryan Lockhead later said:


You can read the case study here.