Product Updates

Version 5.06

Fix: added support for per-policy domain whitelists and blacklists.
Fix:added ability to disable logging for specified whitelisted and/or blacklisted domains.
Fix: added ability to include blocked URL in block pages; for instance to include an unblock request link on the block page.
Fix: resolved an issue were IP sessions could stop working once the IP session timeout period expired.
Fix: resolved an issue with the identification of users when multi domain support is enabled.
Fix: resolved an issue on the Dashboard statistics involving Top Users.
Fix: resolved an issue were file type filtering was not working correctly.
Fix: resolved an issue were the download limit may be exceeded on a users first request.
Fix: resolved an issue were when creating a report filter the users auto-complete drop down would display the users full name rather than their user name handle which is used in the report generation.

Version 5.04

Fix: Captive portal may now be used as an authentication method in transparent deployments.
Fix: Resolved issue where 100% CPU could be consumed if using NTLM authentication.
Fix: Resolved issue blocking streaming audio/video.
Fix: Resolved issue whereby the incorrect interface could be chosen when configuring WCCP.
Fix: Resolved issue displaying all options on the authentication page.
Fix: Resolved issue using LDAP authentication with openldap.

Version 5.03

Fix: Resolved issue adding sub-domains of existing domains to the”Bypass caching for domains” list which could result in the proxy failing to restart.
Fix: Resolved issue with the importing, display and authentication of users from LDAP containing multi-byte characters.
Fix: Resolved issue importing users and groups from OpenLDAP.
Fix:Resolved issue scheduling backup to FTP server when the username contains a forward-slash.
Fix:solved issue synchronizing users-ip mapping from WADA with existing user-ip mappings from UI.
Fix:Resolved issue with SSL connections when using WCCP.

Version 5.02

Added: Safe Search for
Fix: Resolved issue displaying recent history on dashboard when history contained long URLs.
Fix: Resolved issue with the importing, display and authentication of users from LDAP containing multi-byte characters.
Fix: Resolved issue where dashboard statistics were not reset when time zone was changed.
Fix: Resolved issue which may prevent the updating of anti-virus definition files.
Fix: Resolved issue disabling of notifications.
Fix: Resolved issue with Bing safe search if set to using Custom settings.
Fix: Resolved issue saving custom logo for user interface.
Fix: Resolved issue using an explicit proxy via an existing transparent proxy.

Version 5.01

Fix: resolved issue importing users from LDAP.
Fix: resolved issue viewing UI using Polish language
Fix: resolved issue enforcing Safe Search for Yahoo
Fix: resolved issue for non-working times when timezone changed
Fix: resolved issue logging authenticated user when domain blacklisted
Fix: resolved issue with display of recent requests on dashboard

Version 5.0

Version 5.00 of WebTitan delivers significant enhancements and is based on a complete rewrite, optimized to provide high performance.

New web filtering engine to providing increased performance improvements.
New policy engine.
New reporting database schema to provide faster reporting.
Safesearch and Youtube for Schools.
SSL inspection module to filter HTTPS traffic to provide improved filtering and protection against HTTPS traffic and HTTPS sites containing malware.
Transparent filtering of HTTPS traffic and transparent identification of users using the WebTitan Active Directory Agent.

Version 4.02

New: Added Spanish as language option for user interface.
Fix: Resolved issue where patch file for currently installed version would be erronously fetched if using http to fetch the patch. Http will only be used to fetch patches if it is not possible to fetch using ftp.
Fix: Resolved issue where backups may fail to import.
Fix: Resolved issue saving WPAD configuration file correctly.
Fix: Resolved issue displaying graph for hard disk usage.

Version 4.01

Fix: Resolved issue where the proxy may not always find a users groups.

Version 4.00

New: Added roled based administration features. It is now possible to create delegated administrators which may be assigned a predefined role with administrator, report manager, or policy manager privileges.  Filters may also be applied to the latter two roles, so for instance, a report manager may only view the history log and reports for his group, or a policy manager may only manage a specific policy.
New: Added ability to perform transparent authentication when running WebTitan in transparent mode.
New: Added whitelabeling improvements now allow for the changing of the user interface colour scheme.
New: Added SNMP hardware monitoring support.
New: Added filtering option to apply user bandwidth usage quotas.
New: Added options to specify authentication to upstream proxy.
Update: Categorization engine now includes Embedded URL Categorization. This allows for the decoding and effectively categorizing embedded URLs within query strings.  This provides the ability to identify embedded URLs in anonymizer and translator websites and returns merged category sets for the full URL queried.
Update: Categorization engine now includes Embedded URL Categorization. This allows for the decoding and effectively categorizing embedded URLs within query strings.  This provides the ability to identify embedded URLs in anonymizer and translator websites and returns merged category sets for the full URL queried.
Update: Categorization engine now contains real-time updates on important category changes for newly identified blockable (adult, porn, hate, criminal, etc.), malicious (malware, spyware, phishing, compromised, etc.) and recategorized URLs.
Update: Updated samba to resolve security vulnerability.
Update: Improved user feedback when installing updates.
Update: ClamAV updated to 0.97.6. This includes minor bug fixes and detection improvements.

Version 3.62

Update: Updated the Turkisk translation.

Version 3.60

New: Transparent Proxy authentication: Users can now authenticate in transparent proxy mode via login page displayed when new web page requested. See System Setup -> Proxy.
New: Manage transparent proxy firewall rules based on source/destination IP address and port addresses.
New: URL keyword blocking: Can now whitelist/blacklist requests based on keywords in the URL.
New: System updates will now be attempted to be retrieved using HTTP if FTP connect to download server fails.
New: WPAD autoconfiguration file can now be generated via a wizard.
New: Improved group management providing ability to disable groups in bulk, hide disabled groups, search groups or users, assign a policy to multiple groups
New: Whitelisted/Blacklist Domains can now be edited/deleted in bulk, and results can be filtered.
New: Whitelisted/Blacklist Domains can now be imported in bulk from a text file.
New: Can filter users by users and/or groups
New: Can now whitelist/blacklist domains by keyword in the URL.
New: Can now drilldown on URLs report to see all information on the requested URL such as date/time, by whom, action etc.
New: Can now assign policy to multiple groups without requiring to edit each group individually.
New: Fixed potential security vulnerabilites related to blind SQL injection attacks.
New: Access Denied page settings no longer requiries knowledge of HTML. For custom look and feel user can modify the CSS (of which some knowledge will be required). Perhaps we can have sample style sheets on the knowledge base.
New: The User Interface is now localized in Japanese

Version 3.50

New: The WebTitan reports have been completely revamped adding new reports as well as ability to drilldown into reports. It is now also possible to export reports to PDF format as well as CSV file.
New: It is now possible to specify how long the database retains data.
New: URL category database download progress can now be seen on the dashboard.
New: Dashboard ‘System Overview’ and ‘Web Traffic Summary’ information is now automatically updated every 5 seconds.
New: Provide ability to filter History results by time range.

Version 3.42

New: Reporting has been totally revamped to include new reports and the ability to export reports in PDF or CSV format.

Version 3.41

New: History page now allows the ability to view all web activity.
Fix: Resolved issue where under certain circumstances the URL database was not getting updated correctly.
Fix: Resolved issue testing NTLM credentials

Version 3.40

New: Show warning message on the dashboard if the available disk space drops below 5%.
Update: The proxy daemon has been updated, introducing performance enhancements and other significant improvements.

Version 3.20

New: Support added for transparent proxying and WCCP.
Fix: Resolved issue where console ‘admin’ password was not modified when admin password was changed in the UI.
Fix: Resolved issue in dashboard statistics for count of blocked URLs.
Fix: Resolved issue generating monthly reports.

Version 3.03

New: The User Interface is now localized in Italian.
New: Warning dialog is shown on dashboard if there are any unapplied system updates available.
New: Add option to import content filtering keywords from a file.
New: Add search option for content filtering keywords.
New: Add option to choose an existing policy as a template when creating a new policy.
New: Add ability to enable/disable/toggle categories en-masse.
New: Add ability to enable/disable all notification reasons.
Update: WPAD file may now be edited via the UI.
Update: Access Denied page may now be edited via the UI.
Update: IP Session TTL is only relevant for LDAP based authentication.
Update: Users/groups in reporting menu are now ordered alphabetically.
Update: Added missing on-line sections.

Version 3.02

New: The User Interface is now localized in Japanese
New: Provide ability to view group membership
Update: Add missing online help
Update: Import antivirus updates automatically when virus scanning enabled