WebTitan Gateway

WebTitan Gateway is a complete operating system and software suite image. When installed on a server, it will clear any existing operating system, replacing it with its own and the resulting software suite in a dedicated WebTitan web filter appliance for your gateway.

WebTitan Features

  • Full WebTitan OS and software can be downloaded for free as an image file and then burned to CD for installation
  • No Operating System Requirements
  • Full WebTitan Software suite including anti-virus, anti phishing, content control, web interface.
  • Easy to install, simple to configure, up and running in minutes
  • Low maintenance overhead, fully automated updating
  • Free Support

How does it work?

  • Download the WebTitan Gateway file
  • Burn a CD from the WebTitan Gateway file
  • Insert the CD into the CD drive of the server you have selected for WebTitan
  • Reboot the server and following the instructions on the console
  • Configure WebTitan and Protect your network and your employees