WebTitan Gateway for VMware Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

WebTitan provides feature rich functionality to allow you manage internet policy and protect your organisations data and users. Below are feature details as well as technical information to allow you to download and install WebTitan.

Anti Virus Protection

WebTitan includes the award winning Clam Antivirus engine. The Clam anti virus engine is auto updating thus ensuring the least management and utmost protection.

URL Filtering

WebTitan offers URL filtering of up to 53 predefined and 8 customizable categories including 10’s of millions of URL’s which works in conjunction a cloud based look up and real time classification system to provide unmatched combination of coverage, accuracy and flexibility.

Anti Phishing

WebTitan filters block phishing attempts protecting users personal information from theft.

Content filtering

WebTitan can block unwanted keywords and attachments including file types, mime types and renamed files. This can be enabled via the policy engine allowing administrators to block unwanted content in line with the organizations internet policy.

Granular Policy engine

WebTitan contains a highly granular policy engine allowing the administrator to build browsing policy based on users, groups, categories, working times plus much more ensuring enhanced productivity.

Full Reporting Suite

WebTitan contains a comprehensive reporting suite providing automated graphical reports including user and group browsing reports, top URL’s , browsing times and many more.

Application Controls

WebTitan allows organizations to block access to unwanted applications, such as IM and Peer to Peer.

Full Proxy Server

WebTitan contains a proxy server including cache for improved resource utilization.

LDAP Integration

WebTitan provides IP based authentication and it can integrate with LDAP or Active Directory using NTLM

Fully Automated updating, backup and reporting

All updates, including anti virus, new version releases, configuration back up, URL category updates and management reports are automated, thus requiring the minimal management overhead possible while ensuring maximum security.

Whitelists and Blacklists

Global whitelists and blacklists and custom categories can be configured for the user or at a group level and to allow/block by full website address or by IP

Full Diagnostics Reporting

WebTitan contains a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tests and reports providing both the administrator and WebTitan support with all the information required to fully investigate any support issues. This includes the ability to send a diagnostic report to WebTitan support and remote SSH authenticated log on from WebTitan support.

Web Bases GUI

All WebTitan features are accessed using an intuitive web based interface. This allows controlled access from the network and removes the need for client based management software. Restrictions can also be put in place to limit who and where this interface can be accessed from.

SSL/HTTPS Inspection

SSL/HTTPS inspection feature. Encrypted content pages and traffic can be decrypted, examined and compared to your policy settings, scanned for viruses and malware, and only if appropriate, re-encrypted and forwarded to the client.

Enforce “Safe Search” and “YouTube for Schools”

Enforce “YouTube for Schools” and “Safe Search”, which  removes inappropriate results from search engine results, a key issue in the education sector when offering internet access to minors and children. The Safe Search facility within WebTitan supports all leading search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Operating System

WebTitan Gateway for VMware® is specifically designed to run on VMware®.The download contains both the WebTitan application and its own operating system, a hardened Linux platform, including scripts for self installation. There is no operating system requirement. You will require a copy of VMware® running on your server or workstation. WebTitan Gateway for VMware® has been tested on the following versions:

  • VMware ESX/ESXi(vSphere)®
  • VMware Workstation®
  • VMware Server®
  • VMware Player®

Minimum Hardware Requirements

<500 Users <1000 Users <5000 Users >5000 Users
Intel Xeon® 4 (or equivalent)
2.5Ghz Processor
40 GB Disk,
1 Ethernet Port
Intel Xeon® (or equivalent)
2.5Ghz Processor
40 GB Disk,
1 Ethernet Port
Intel Xeon® Quad Core (or equivalent)
3Ghz Processor
40 GB Disk,
1 Ethernet Port
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  • The WebTitan Gateway for VMware® image file is less than 350MB
  • For DSL connection it should take less than 10 minutes to download
  • Download and install VMware® if you do not have it installed already.
  • Using your version of VMware® load the WebTitan image.
  • Configure WebTitan and Protect your users.