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“TitanHQ is a great program for effectively getting rid of spam. The process of blocking websites is very easy to use.”
Callie Blase, Colorado State University

“It just works. Simple to deploy and easy to customize as needed. Very easy to deploy AD Integration and track per employee browsing.”
Jason Hart, 247 Managed Network Solutions

“WebTitan is a DNS based content filter that has been significant in helping our organization monitor and block content.”
Kirsten Black, Black Family Enterprises

“Great if you have a smaller company that needs malware software.”
Kasey Baker, University of North Carolina at Asheville

“I used it for the first time. I am very satisfied. Very successful software.”
Sevket Demirci, Aksaray Üniversitesi

“The process is very easy and straightforward. The guys from TitanHQ will help you get it up and running in no time.”
Omar Fenech, Banque Öhman S.A.

“Great experience, couldn’t have been much easier to use.”
Ryan Liden, RL Consulting

“Great product for filtering web traffic.”
Tim Regas, KEYLOK

“Webtitan and TitanHQ’s other products are a great blend of functionality and ease of use.”
Garry King, Ed Martin Auto Group

“Works well and support people are very good at resolving any issues and helping with training.”
Geoff Birkemeier, Birkemeier Consulting

“Does it’s intended functions, Does it very, very well, and requires minimal hands on time from IT staff. Overall, a highly satisfactory product.”
Paul Kiley, Kiley Tech Solutions

“Overall, very easy to use and effective product.”
Joseph Hood, RGS Reprographics

“No more calls from ISP for illegal content downloads on our public WiFi”
Arron McCombs, McCombs Laundry Co

“The interface is clean and quick. Emails are never delayed and instantly delivered when requested. ”
Brad Harris, Dancor Solutions

“Customers have been very impressed with the functionality!”
Scott Blinkhorn, Vology

“We’ve been a WebTitan customer for 5+ years now. Great solution for our small office!”
James McGuinness, Stelvio Inc.

“Flexible and efficient protection for spam.”
Marcel Contant, VISION3MC (Multimedias) Inc.

“The interface is as simple as it gets. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Customer service has always been prompt and effective. The support team has always been able to resolve my issues on the first try whether it be on the phone or via email.”
Troy Snell, Winn Community Health Center, Inc.

“Clear and concise interface, simple and granular user configuration and experience, no hassle to deploy.”
Luke Seymour, webuyanycar

“Good and easy to setup.”
Cosmin Stanca, RCS RDS

“A very good and flexible product perfect for SME.”
Cosimo Fabroni, Novella S.p.A.

“Good experience from end to end. The Sales and Engineers went above and beyond to support implementation and set up.”
Sobek Stelmaczonek, IRG Ltd

“Very good software, as well as customer service”
IT Administrator, Germany

“The software is very easy to use, and very easy to configure. The support offered by SpamTitan was sensational at all times, enabling me to roll out the filter in a timely manner, with zero effect on business. The value we have gotten has been amazing, and we have seen a roughly 90% drop in visible spam.”
Drew Lawrence, MiTAC Pty Ltd

WebTitan Web Filter recognized in Secure Web Gateways based on user reviews WebTitan Web Filter recognized in Secure Web Gateways based on user reviews

“Great sales experience, reasonable pricing, great technical support.”
Gregg Frank, OMNNI Associates, Inc.

“WebTitan is easily configured and tech support has been very responsive. Based on the cost to functionality, there is nothing close in the marketplace.”
Jamie Barr, Schlossmann Auto Group

“We have been very satisfied customers for many years, we are still amazed how well it’s performing.”
Bjarke Vangsgaard, Öhman Bank S.A.

“Great software for a reasonable price.”
Ryan Rood, Copp’s Buildall

“It is a very robust system, which has many features that its competitors do not have. Its ease of administration makes it very friendly. We have it in our catalog of indispensable security tools.”
Diego Balseca Chávez, Security Logic

“Easy to use, works well!”
Derek Augsburger, Smith Brothers of Berne, Inc.

“Cost effective, very flexible spam filtering software that gave me the ability to assign different user groups and easily monitor malware/spam activity.”
Steve Sosa, Onyx Medical

“We had a positive experience in a pinch.”
Joe Kallenbach, NS International

“Easily to configure, easy to deploy and transparent to users!”
Sebastian Abbinanti, The Isidore Group

“I needed to setup WebTitan in a pinch and it was quick and straight forward.”
Chad Krout, Heritage Christian Services

“Ease of Use and design flow. Vary understandable product and most effective. Would recommend this to anyone.”
Carlos Aguirre, Wide Cloud Communications

“Solid product that has the functionality we need to keep the bad stuff out.”
Michael Kartusch, Lacombe County

“This product has drastically reduced our inbound Spam. I like that I can set thresholds so that the definitely junk items my users don’t have to weed through to find the legitimate emails.”
Jennifer Mann, Tri-Tronics Company Inc

“Software portal is great. It easy to search for spam and missing emails and my customers enjoy it also.”
Jason Williams, Prism Consulting Services

“It just works. It has dramatically reduced the spam going to Outlook.”
John Peeler, Millennium Business Group

“Web Titan has been the best web filter we have ever implemented.”
Eric Tucker, BECI

“Simple to implement, great interface.”
Ray Tang, GVM

“Very easy to use and works better than more expensive products.”
Joel Segal, I.A.T.S.E. National Benefit Funds

“The ability to set up web filtering very quickly is pretty awesome and a must for Managed Services Providers to its customer.”
Corey Kirkendoll, 5K Technical Services

“Excellent product for a small customer.”
Chad Burge, Village of Spaulding

We have been very happy with the WebTitan Web Filter since deploying It. It’s given us a 360-degree view of Internet use In the company allowing us manage Internet usage and minimize non-work related browsing and access to unsafe sites.
Franklin Price, IT Manager, Social Insurance Bank, Netherlands Antilles

After much searching we settled on WebTitans’ virtual appliance as it was the easiest to use and their support and contact was excellent.
“idwells” . Finance industry. 101-250 Employees. Spiceworks community member

Works well and easy to use.
Jacob46733. Education. 1000+ Users. Spiceworks community member

We just renewed our contract for another 3 years, so we will continue to use WebTitan for a while.
Derek_A, Manufacturing, 251-500 Employees. Spiceworks community member

WebTitan… gave me great insight into usage habits that I was not aware of on my network.
NoSpoon, Transportation, 51-100 Employees. Spiceworks community member

WebTitan’s interface is very clean and simple to get around.
BarryG80, Finance, 51-100 Employees. Spiceworks Community Member.

“I must say after 16 years working as a network administrator, the WebTitan Content Filter has been the best product I have implemented! It is highly granular, easily modified and technical support is quick to respond, very polite, thorough and will follow up with the customer to ensure all is working properly.”
Tim Maples, Network Administrator, Will Lou Gray Opportunity School, Georgia, USA.

“Student Registration and Financial Services (SRFS) at the University of Pennsylvania have been using WebTitan in our virtual desktop environment for the past year. The product has been very valuable to us with the numerous preset filtering policies and the easy integration into Microsoft’s active directory which lets us control who can see what. WebTitan support is one of the best with quick response times and clear helpful solutions. Two thumbs up from us!”
David Domico, Director of Information Technology Services, University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA

WebTitan has been doing everything Rapid Recovery requires and more, it’s hard to measure events avoided when they don’t happen, so I can imagine WebTitan has saved me considerable time troubleshooting spyware and other network threats that may have infected the network if users weren’t blocked from everything but what they need to access.
Rodney Stalnaker, IT Director, Rapid Recovery, Arizona

WebTitan has definitely helped us improve productivity across the organization, we can manage policies very easily now and at an incredibly granular level, we simply fine tune our policies as we need to, to meet the organizations needs – WebTitan works for us.
Gregory A. Zolkos, CEO, Atlas Professional Services, Inc, Tampa Bay, Florida

We moved to WebTitan 6 months ago which saved us 50% in license fees. Our business was delighted about the saving, and as an Administrator I knew that I would enjoy the same flexibility, scalability and stability that we experience with SpamTitan.I believe that we added value to our organization by replacing our existing solution with WebTitan at 50% of the cost.
Louis Coetzee, Group IT Manager, Kulungile Metals Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Since we have implemented WebTitan we have been able to increase productivity and are now able to make sure protections are in place so the company can benefit from the safe use of Web 2.0.
Kevin O’Leary, I.T. Manager, GVS, Ireland

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