Web Content Filter for Hotspot Providers

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a web content filter for hotspot providers offering accurate, reliable, and powerful Internet content filtering in order to protect WiFi networks from malware and filter out all unwanted website content.

WiFi hotspot providers must not only provide a reliable service with sufficient bandwidth to ensure fast Internet speeds, they are under increasing pressure to ensure their networks are safe to use, and that security threats are managed effectively.

Web Content Filter for Hotspot ProvidersGovernments are now urging ISPs and other providers of Internet hotspots to ensure that users of their service are prevented from gaining access to non-family-friendly and illegal website content. Legislation exists to protect minors from obscene content such as pornography in schools and libraries, and it is strongly advisable for network operators to prevent images of child abuse and extreme violence from being accessed on their networks.

Our web content filter for hotspot providers allows Internet content to be carefully filtered, preventing all unwanted content from being displayed, with real-time protection from online threats to keep end users and their devices secure.

Reliable and Accurate Internet Content Filtering for Wireless WiFi ISPs

One of the main problems when applying Internet content filtering for wireless WiFi ISPs is the overblocking of website content. Many solutions allowing Internet content filtering for wireless WiFi ISPs can all too easily prevent valuable and important content from being accessed by WiFi users.

Consumers can get frustrated by excessive blocking of website content, and the inability to access legitimate websites is one of the main arguments against the application of web filtering solutions. To ensure accuracy, our web content filter for hotspot providers offers highly granular controls. These allow website content to be carefully controlled by category, keywords, or URL, without overblocking website content.

Our URL filtering solution has categorized over 500 million websites in over 200 languages, allowing access to more than 6 billion individual webpages to be easily controlled. Our filters cover 100% of Alexa’s 1 million+ most frequently visited websites, and real-time filtering ensures that even brand new unindexed websites can be assessed and filtered.

Benefits of WebTitan’s Web Content Filter for Hotspot Providers

Our web content filter for hotspot providers has been developed to be quick and easy to implement, easy to manage, and cost effective to apply to WiFi networks of all sizes. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi offers accuracy, reliability, and scalability, and a host of features to suit ISPs and MSPs.

Our web content WiFi filter for hotspot providers…

Supports All Devices and All Operating Systems

Laptops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices are all supported regardless of operating system.

Requires no Additional Software or Hardware

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be quickly and easily deployed. It requires no software downloads on users’ devices and has no additional hardware requirements. Change your DNS settings to point to our servers, and you can be filtering Internet content in a matter of minutes.

Places Powerful Content Control at your Fingertips

Highly granular settings allow Internet content to be finely controlled. Our central administration panel can be used to filter the Internet at all WiFi access points within a network, and can be used to control and manage multiple domains.

Allows Bypassing of Filters with Cloud Keys

Filters can be applied for individual clients or user groups, but there may be times when full Internet access is required. We allow the bypassing of all filtering controls with cloud keys, which can be supplied to clients that require unfettered Internet access.

Individual Controls to be set by Client or User Group

Organization-wide filtering can be used to block illegal website content; however, since WebTitan Cloud for WiFi links to Active Directory, filtering controls can be applied for different user groups.

Is Available as a White Label Options for MSPs

MSPs can add their own logos to our white label product and resellers of our service are welcome to host our web filters within their own infrastructure to maintain total control.

Further Information on Our Web Content Filter for Hotspot Providers

Contact our sales team today for further information on our web content filter for hotspot providers, including pricing information and technical specifications. Our knowledgeable sales staff are on hand to answer any questions and provide advice on implementing our web filtering solution.

US Sales +1 813 200 9460
UK/EU Sales +44 (0)247 699 3641
IRL +353 91 54 55 00
or email us at info@webtitan.com

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