Web Content Filter for WiFi Internet Service Providers

A robust web content filter for WiFi Internet service providers can improve the online experience for all WiFi users, prevent the downloading of malicious software, conserve bandwidth, and block objectionable, offensive, and illegal website content.

A Web Content Filter For WiFi Internet Service Providers Offers Content Control and Threat Protection

In some jurisdictions, legislation has been introduced making Internet filtering a requirement in certain public areas to protect children from harmful website content. Schools and libraries must restrict access to specific categories of website in order to qualify for government grants and discounts under the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). In many locations, an Internet filtering is becoming less of an option and more of requirement.

A web filter allows managed service providers to provide their clients with a safe, secure, and sanitized Internet service. Public WiFi hotspot operators can restrict access to website content of a non-family friendly nature to protect minors and prevent users from viewing obscene or extreme website content in public.

Web Content Filter for WiFi Internet Service ProvidersThe threat of cyberattacks and malware/ransomware attacks is greater than ever before. More than 1 million new malware samples are now being discovered each day. A web content filter for WiFi Internet service providers is necessary to create a safe environment for WiFi users and block threats such as malware, ransomware, and intrusive adware. Filters can be configured to prevent the downloading of files commonly associated with malware, while Adware and malvertising can be easily blocked to reduce risk as well as to conserve bandwidth.

Blocking malicious software from being downloaded onto user devices and filtering out phishing websites protects customers and greatly enhances the user experience.

Not all Content Filtering Solutions Are Suitable for Internet Service Providers

Free content filtering solutions lack the robustness, flexibility, and granularity necessary to create a safe and secure surfing experience for WiFi users without overblocking website content. Many solutions are suitable for protecting individual WiFi hotspots, yet lack the scalability for national ISPs and citywide WiFi hotspot providers.

Gateway web filtering solutions for enterprises often require software downloads, yet this is impractical for WiFi networks. Consumers are now demanding fast Internet access and do not want to download software to their devices before they can gain access to WiFi networks.

At WebTitan we understand the needs of ISPs, MSPs, and WiFi hotspot operators, and have developed a reliable, robust, and easy to implement web content filter for WiFi Internet service providers that prevents users from viewing illegal or unsuitable website content, and offers peace of mind that users will be protected from online threats.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – The Web Content Filter for WiFi Internet Service Providers

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a real-time web content filter for WiFi Internet service providers that allows accurate content filtering across multiple WiFi hotspots without the need for any additional hardware purchases or software downloads.

Implementation is a quick and easy process, only requiring a change to DNS settings. Point your DNS servers to WebTitan and you can be filtering the Internet across an entire network of WiFi access points in a matter of minutes.

Our easy to use central administration panel puts Internet service providers in total control of the content accessible via their WiFi networks, with the flexibility to apply different filtering settings for different access points and user groups.

Overblocking of website content negatively affects users; however, our granular controls allow service providers to precisely control website content. Websites can be quickly blocked using blacklists such as those provided by the Internet Watch Foundation to prevent the accessing of child pornography, or content can be filtered by URL, category or keyword terms.

We offer ISPs and MSPs a fully customizable white label version of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi. While we are happy to run our web filter on our own servers, we can cater to organizations that would prefer a private cloud or to host our web filter within their own data center.


More Information for WiFi ISPs, MSPs and Hotspot Operators

If you would like further information about how WebTitan works together with WiFi ISPs, MSPs and hotspot providers to provide an unrivalled service, you are invited to download our free brochure explaining the TitanHQ MSP Program.

As well as detailing the benefits of the WebTitan web content filter for WiFi Internet Service Providers, Managed Service Providers and hotspot providers, our brochure provides a checklist the benefits your clients can expect when subscribing - through you - to our WiFi content filtering service. These include:

  • Protection from malware, ransomware, and phishing.
  • Granular controls for flexible user policies.
  • Real-time monitoring of Internet activity and a full reporting suite.
  • A reduction of bandwidth waste and abuse.
  • Fully automated updating for maximum security with no requirement for patching.
  • SSL inspection
  • Time-based controls
  • Filtering by website, website category, keyword term, or keyword score

TitanHQ´s MSP Program will save ISPs, MSPs and hotspot providers time and money. Plus you have the opportunity to become a TitanHQ Certified Partner with your own Dedicated Alliance Manager after undergoing one-to-one training with an experienced Sales Engineer. To find out more download our free brochure or speak with our MSP Program Director Conor Madden on +1 813 304 2544.

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