Web Content Filter for WiFi Providers

WiFi network operators are not obliged to filter the Internet, although there are a number of reasons why a web content filter for WiFi providers is advantageous. Controlling the content that can be accessed via a WiFi network can help to keep users safe, can protect minors from viewing harmful content, and can improve the customer experience.

Many ISPs and WiFi hotspot providers have started to limit access to sections of the Internet to protect their customers from malware, phishing, from viewing inappropriate and obscene website content, and to limit the opportunity for WiFi networks to be used to break the law.

A Web Content Filter for WiFi Providers Offers a Myriad of Benefits

One of the most common reasons for limiting access to certain websites is to prevent adult content from being accessed. Many WiFi providers would prefer their networks to be family-friendly, safe, and secure. They would rather not have certain customers use their WiFi service to access pornography or other website content that could potentially be viewed by minors or considered offensive by other customers.

Web Content Filter for WiFi ProvidersMalware attacks have increased substantially in recent years, with over 1 million new threats being identified each day. Hackers are increasingly developing malware to target Android and Apple devices. A web content filter for WiFi providers can help to keep users better protected from the growing number of online threats while browsing.

One of the main issues experienced by WiFi network operators is how to ensure sufficient bandwidth is available for all WiFi users. A web content filter for WiFi providers is a useful tool that can help with the management and monitoring of bandwidth. Websites that place high demands on a WiFi network can be restricted, controls exerted on the bandwidth available for each user, and file sharing websites that drain resources blocked.

If you would prefer your users not to use your WiFi network to access pornography, download illegal website content, or access extreme and potentially harmful material, our web content filter for WiFi providers can help you keep your WiFi network safe, secure, and sanitized.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – The Web Content Filter for WiFi Providers

At WebTitan, we believe that WiFi providers have more important things to concentrate on than filtering the Internet. Our web content filter for WiFi providers has been developed to make content control as quick and easy as possible.

Whether you run a mom and pop store and want to offer WiFi to your customers, or you are an ISP running thousands of WiFi hotspots, our web filtering solution provides you with total control over the content that can be accessed by your WiFi users.

Key Benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

Listed below is a selection of the features and benefits of our cloud-based web filtering solution for WiFi hotspot providers.

100% Cloud-Based DNS Web Filtering

Our DNS web filter is quick and easy to implement. Just point your DNS to our servers and you can be filtering the Internet in minutes. No software installations are necessary; you can use your existing hardware, and we support static and changing IPs.

Granular Controls for Maximum Flexibility

Granular control of our web filter puts you in charge of the content that can be accessed through your WiFi network. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi links to Active Directory, allowing privileges to be set for individuals, user groups, or your entire organization. You can even vary controls for different times of the day.

WiFi Web Filtering by Category, Keyword, and Webpage Score

Filter website content by category to restrict access to adult content, illegal activity, social media websites, and block bandwidth-heavy websites such as video streaming websites. Prevent third party adverts from being displayed to conserve bandwidth and reduce the risk of drive-by malware downloads. Choose from 53 categories to filter unwanted content, create up to 10 custom categories, use keyword based web filtering and the scoring system to fine tune filtering.

No Restrictions of the Number of Hotspots or Devices

All devices are supported including mobiles, tablets, notebooks and laptops, with no restriction on the number of devices connecting to your network. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is scalable and ideal for organizations of all sizes. It can be used to protect any number of WiFi access points with the option of delegating control to individual departments, locations, or regions.

Find Out More about Your Customers

Generate instant alerts to find out when attempts are made to access prohibited content, and use our reports to find out the websites that your customers are accessing through your WiFi network. Our reports will give you a better insight into your customers’ online behavior and can be used to guide your marketing and advertising programs.

Benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

  • Create a family-friendly, safe and secure web browsing environment.
  • Block malicious websites and malware downloads
  • Block material contained in the child abuse image content URL list (CAIC List) and other third-party blacklists.
  • Accurately filter web content through 53 pre-set categories and up to 10 custom categories.
  • Filter by keyword and keyword score.
  • Inspect encrypted websites.
  • Filter content in 200 languages.
  • Apply time-based filtering controls.
  • Filter the Internet across multiple WiFi hotspots.
  • Manage access points through a single web-based administration panel.
  • Delegate management of access points.
  • Schedule and run reports on demand with real time-views of Internet activity and extensive drill down reporting.

WiFi Web Filtering for ISPs and MSPs

Our web filtering solution is ideal for use by ISPs and MSPs. We can provide a white label option and you can even run our web filter within your own infrastructure, although we are more than happy to host it on our servers. Some of the benefits for MSPs and other service providers include:

  • Multiple hosting options, including within your own data center.
  • Easy integration into existing billing, auto provisioning and monitoring system through a suite of APIs.
  • Multi-tenant dashboard allowing client separation and bulk or individual application of settings.
  • WebTitan as a white label ready to take your own branding.
  • Highly competitive pricing and a fully transparent pricing policy.
  • Flexible pricing, including monthly billing.
  • World class customer service with dedicated account managers.

Further Information on Our Web Content Filter for WiFi Providers

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